Heretic facing the fortune inside ! Let us be careful, friends.

look at FAL and reading is it a sin ?

fortune-telling and monitor sin and it is sin.The unseen is only for allah c.c knows.It’s a sin and forbidden to say that you knew the unseen and believe it

powerful FAL is a heretic ?

Fal eker claim they’ve seen the future, and it baktirand if you can see something in the future that person becomes a disbeliever . Because the unseen is only for allah c.c knows this means you have denied the truth. Circus ran . Baskalarin know in Allah and assumes that the fortune teller is hired partners with Allah.

the fortune teller for fun?

the fortune teller to look at leisure and even believe it is sinful and Forbidden is not permissible .Even though it says you don’t believe this, they cause a very big sin and even to make a joke of faith to go .

at that moment night in the hadith the water of strife in the time face .

there will be a lot of mischief in the future.That person is a disbeliever in the morning strife , the evening or in the evening and spend the night in sleep as a Muslim and as a Muslim, a heretic in the morning to crash.Only with the knowledge of God, except for those he saves his heart

this makes us believe bilmedend though a heretic, just like with a fortune to a fortune teller .

we have to be very, very careful!

Hi, and c to God in prayer.Safety deposit c


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