Hi :) is something that everyone is curious about, maybe this is a first date, sometimes boring and sometimes fun.

now I’m gonna tell you the things that you need to do on a first date (:


  • Men’s hair or compliment the person on the first date may even backfire , we do not comment on weight to a misunderstanding throws different creatures available then you can’t we women a trip or something (I’m not saying then the creature like the bogeyman, created) )
  • women , never do not make comments about his favorite team , for example, which Sports Team do you support question is not what foobar said the other day if you are defeated you just tell me if it goes up 🙂
  • favorite movies you can ask. Watching, listening with yours compare. In front of you so that person’s emotions, you will learn his perspective on the world. That’s a plus 🙂
  • do you love what you do or what you do to ask the Buddha are angry about what he likes helps you understand what’s
  • you wait for her or constantly asking her questions to ask
  • what makes him the happiest , what you enjoy doing that issue .
  • the problem is that everyone has a dream her dreams, right you want to happen. People with dreams, life and hope to look at more positive carry.
  • tell him your own Dreams, No matter how wild, every human being is a dream 🙂
  • the moment you are most ashamed you tell him , and ask him what’s the memory of his shame . With this question the most intimate memories that you don’t just want to tell you’ll enjoy a fun time to live and laugh
  • don’t ask him their old relationship, but you tell us what you’re doing wrong without going into details, this gives you a little message to him in a relationship, I want to what actually is the message.
  • don’t confuse your next phone and never 🙂

    That’s it for now, next I see 🙂


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