Hidirellez Your Wishes Shall Come True

make a wish primarily.Okay.Now you can start reading.

good idea for @Lolskill ‘e still hot I thank the writing is huge and decent.

since I was a kid love I celebrate Hidirellez is a holder of memories of my last days and memorable evenings.Go out and work in clean clothes and be welcome in the house smoke stains and the smell I taste I will never forget.The importance of the day and where does it come from?

the names hızır and Ilyas name began to be pronounced that way by the combination of hidirellez.

The following information was taken from Wikipedia.

Hidirellez or Hıdrellez (Azerbaijani: Nəbi Xidir or Xidir Ilyas), is one of the seasonal festivals celebrated in the Turkish world. RUz-ı hızır (day) called Hidirellez on the day of Hızır and Ilyas met on earth as they celebrated the day by counting.Hidirellez day, Gregorian calendar (the Gregorian calendar)according to the 6 May used in the past, Rumi calendar on April 23, according to the Julian calendar, which is known as the day. Time, which starts from November 4 until May 6 and the days of summer with the name of Khidr, November 5th from 8 November until May name the days of the winter period. So, on the night of 5 May Day means the end of winter and the start of a hot summer day.

I’ll tell You the days until Hidirellez helped my memory.I focalin is a coastal town of Izmir, which was originally New Dede.Those who are able to hidirellez day here, primarily cuts and Capricorn rice,liver,meat such as they would in the oven, and fill with mortar.Then the neighbors come together and feast for everyone.

everyone gathered on the beach right into the evening hours,he used to ride boats and boats.

then again, the beach with stones, or what would be done with by the house, although it is not that important.Your wish dolls or toy cars with them a child was laid.If you put enough to reflect what your wish was.

The Roots and leaves of the Rose, wishes hung.Some money, a wad of paper and some writing in the view of wishes they’d hang on the branches, rose.

there were those who prefer trees to hang their wishes.These wishes are usually remaining at home the names of girls who want to marry or not (sometimes it could be this guy,of course), they want wishes to be accepted was written.

the neighborhoods that can be collected and burned when it starts getting dark in the most beautiful,the most magnificent fires were lit.In our childhood we often find a tyre to pop out old truck or car would be.We would have managed.

first of all, that fire in all its glory,while the largest rose in the quarter, especially men, they vaulted over the fire into the fire Pulsar air gathered by our girls.It would be our turn when we close our neck of fire.In a row and jump.I just like saving people from a fire like that would give the feeling.

I ended up wishing just writing to accept All the nice wishes.

my childhood memories are accumulated in pockets.I’m never going to change someone millions.I want to thank all of you individually for reading and take time. :):


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