Honor Hold(!)


for a thousand years are compressed between the legs of the people, and what it is a concept that is fully described.
what is this honour? How do you become? How do you lose? What are they? What does it do?

in societies with different cultures and different dimensions similar to the dimensions accepted in society or even our own to dig up dirt on set is what I’ll do.

of the honor is a task for men, while the woman remained on top of thrown in as a hobby.
or maybe never by not voting for the mayor of a municipality and the permission of the authorized officer of the state is all! In the case of a Live call, you will have lost honour in unity.

of course, for some, I would respect that marriage is a sacrament, but a married woman belongs to the man toplumumuzca chastity, her virtue, manually replace the so. Accept this idea and basically “namussuzluk”.

A male with the opposite sex and live out their sexuality has developed many ways to meet Aramis and methods.
is not bad I’m not criticizing that, every human being that live in association with the opposite sex will want to experience the pleasure of excitement, of course. We spent all the period, and there are quite childish beauties.

curious about the opposite sex and sexuality in the same way a man wanna a girl like that you will want to live like that in the same man, the fact that it is very natural and innocent.

an event is seen as a womanizer in one of two different sex often someone’s engaged.
in this context, to protect or men is not a virtue, and the honour of the women claimed that when they got married, does it mean they will be honest or this is the outcome of a corruption of the concept called a lot of Honor.

what we call Honor is not something that only women will possess between your legs or what we call morality, and there is no obligation to accept these concepts.

with someone that no one wants because it is not often.
what does it mean to be named like that in the acceptance of the community?
just about the concept of Honor between her legs, chastity in a society that is void of titles that will installs first, because as a society there is a need for you to be honest.

often head off together while wearing a mini-skirt is decent we passed was called.Even an off-dressed woman with other closed-dressed woman to be awarded points in between became a prude.
People often see clothing styles and with the legs upright, and to proclaim, to what extent a behavior can be virtuous?

a woman, liked, loved, wanted to be with a man just because of social pressure, and if not because of cowardice would be the social pressure, but social pressure even if compressed and this is restraining requests see right between the legs has lost all decency and morality.

People unless you are honest with yourself, and your own thoughts, desires, ideas about what constitutes virtue is throwing a funny situation according to the assumptions of others.

Yourself, your own thoughts, of their own volition, your own ideas, your own feelings be honest with the honour that was being carried, however, until the jeweler’s scales can be seen in the weight it has.

This is my post and my ideas and the public vote, he may be angry, but it all binds me in my writing.
it won’t be on the exam, relax.

be honest to yourself first, not the dictates of your honor and others to claim what you want, but experience.


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