How Come Men Want A Facial?

Yes, friends, this is how guys like a girls face, I want to mention them

very unnecessary Unnecessary Feathers :

-I’m not saying that you should get our first unnecessary hairs on face, need I say.One of the factors that will show the worst on a girl’s face, of course, there are great currents that ridiculous mustache like new fashion trends don’t be fooled let

clean and smooth teeth :

-clean your teeth good teeth are important and interesting that way before or if the image is clean and comes as a normal skew white teeth are beautiful, of course, if you want perfect teeth what are the treatments wire

a beautiful Makeup :

-of course not ridiculous exaggerated makeup makeup makeup like a slight exaggeration when I say that to your face to make our face more beautiful not to disfigure means to add color without

how about a Makeup ? :

-light makeup that suits your face . Looks so good when you say that, the brunette to the blonde and the brunette so that you can be your skin color, your face shape or acne suitable blemish and acne on your face you must apply a light makeup, I’m not saying something from a few pimples ) your skin color of your face using Foundation don’t try to change in the future if you don’t want to be riddled, of course

to the men Warning :

-Perfectly makeup, natural makeup look with makeup is actually evolving we should not forget our girls in the girl day-to-day Foundation,Nov pencil,if using the powder, probably the real case there is no trace from, you will have to make a fight for men wash your face with water as recommended

stay with love and health


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