The first character

The character of the person in front of us will not know what trip he wants to go shouldn’t be so understanding

tripsiz but not sure 🙂

you shouldn’t live everywhere where it shouldn’t the owner know that it must be insightful to know ornamental wandering eyes had a problem, there must be someone to give up yet

external beauty

our biggest and jealousy, for a man to wear short mini skirt in our dress we already have a girl, I don’t necessarily normal to wear what we like. a bidet, a cosmetic store like shouldn’t go around don’t do more makeup for your natural rug is more beautiful 🙂 your boyfriend is a horse I like a lot your picture in the morning when you want to take care of without fear Xinjiang swollen face 😛

shouldn’t get too close

serious-minded man would rather not even touch her himself jealous of his girlfriend, at least I am 😛 don’t push your limits 😀 wanted to note that it is not absolutely serious

of course, romantic and understanding to deserve a girl like that in Turkey some rare Buddha beds you have a girlfriend anyway, at first, I think it lacks a lot I know, but just wanted to say what’s in my heart

all relationships take care of yourself, wishing to reach a happy ending 🙂


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