How efficient is attempting the course?

friends, this is my first jem , I’m so sorry if I have mistakes

he thinks most students need to work hard to be successful. Even in case of failure, where did go wrong so even though I didn’t get a good grade , because I couldn’t complain. But the main element to success is to try not to work very efficiently. I think you know most of it. But I didn’t mind going over it one more time through.

1) Be careful not to work late. Your working you are too tired, your brain may not be permanent.

2) you definitely should concentrate on the lesson at that moment. If you have something else in mind – if it may be a series on TV – deal with him first , and then stay the course. Because you mustn’t think of anything else.

3) don’t wait until the day or a specific time for studying. Make excuses.

4) and I said that is the most important element. Don’t drink or eat something . Most of the time and sometimes we feel the need to snack on something while you’re studying starts to become more enjoyable. But this can distribute our attention. I say that even gum to chew on. Already the sound is even the cause of death.

I’m done for now. Wish I had more time I wish I could write more. Many of you will complain these familiar things, etc. Whether even one person happy to help me.

thanks in advance 🙂


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