How is it possible to be attractive and charismatic to impress women?

1ozguven to know what you want so we can define what to do and I don’t want to write pages and pages
intelligence is never naive or stupid gezdirmez next to someone a girl or a woman 2
3bilgi culture and education : if not, improve yourself, read the book
4 be a good listener, don’t talk to you constantly
5 effectively use your body language when talking to very important, even gestures and facial expressions
6 women give priority to be polite no matter where you are, for example, he passed first out the door
love is the golden rule in the trade to be valid in 7guleryuz friendly
even if you’re busy doing the work you need to do 8oncelikli the answer to a girl then the girl you are taking you back in time so we could plan when I want msjlasiyor example assigns
Never even make eye contact with a woman walking down the road 9 The man who is the pervert who kills this feeling and the most important ingredient as manhood and a woman’s back is turned, who is 6, even while he feels me staring at him, bidets, no woman like that all she’s jealous doesn’t give you the chance to type
10 You’re your ego going through the roof, and a complete gentleman Be yourself, if possible, and you will have a humble personality makes you attractive and makes you wonder don’t it

11baskalarini denigrate people throw mud against someone charismatic will never do gossiping between movements


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