How the money is collected?

first of all, Hello dear friend, I am with my first.Under this heading you are and how you can save money , a time period that extends to the venue from bankruptcy sahiblig I’ll tell you how we did it

how the money is collected ?

actually, everything I ate started with the kick from a girl.Yes, what you say, but it is.In fact, all of the money from our friends because we’ve been kicked I’ll never forget the day when you got a gun to my head, but this situation was a girl that triggered

a pledge to myself and my job until in matters of the heart ,blunt’s elected I said I’ll stay away from girls and that’s what I did.

step-by-step we will proceed, my dear friends

now take a paper and pencil, listen to me.


definitely patient , durable, strong , serious and intelligent you must be .or you won’t reach your goals, and frustration you experience along the way because it helps you achieve hedeflari yiprana you know that’s what I said.


if you’re working, you should definitely find a job.because one of the most important processes work. I need money .

during this time, many the kind of work I have worked in the profession, not comfortable 5 6meslekte I tried to try to find you a job. I used to work in kucuklugumde dukkanimiz after bankruptcy out of high school at the age of 17, I barely finished and I started working at the grocery store.


your spending , your earnings record.

Yes, your friends of your expenses beforehand, we prepared a pen and paper you type 1 Your monthly expenditure .this way, you’re spending and how much you can make from spending in health, I could never turn down an analysis.


prepare an action plan.How do I increase profits in this action plan ? how I can cut my expenses.

cut down on unnecessary costs. the productivity will increase.

a very good quality instead of smoke, you can switch to a cheaper brand

even if you leave a cigarette harmful to your health results

if a person smokes 3 packs per week for cigarettes she is 156 in a year.52×3

and this is the cigarette 8 pounds though

8×156=1248 pounds so it is worth the money that you gave to earn your monthly salary within 1 year of smoking out of your life remember

I suggest you to quit drinking alcohol if reduce

calculate your alcohol spending

if 50 pounds each hang track to hang out and blows 3 times a week alcohol

156×50 = 7800 pounds it’s worth now.

how creepy, isn’t it ?these are can make sample according to your own expenditure.

I turned down the annual electricity consumption of pounds in the shop 5bin friends.definitely do so!


go to the Bank and open a deposit account

why do I say that ?when there’s money in the pocket to keep you constantly you will spend money on the bag will be in the bank when this happened, and at that moment your requests will block .☺☺on this hand you will save your money in a bank and work and income.


don’t waste your last pennies accumulate.

pounds per day 150 pounds in 5 months out of is worth ☺


make serious

as one of living in every situation in my life, take it seriously, on your head so you get the money accumulated in one place can come at any moment

something happened in the last year

my father was arrested in time because we were sued by bankrupt Premier, 1 year, my dad slept in vain, crime, sports Toto’s late money to invest.

I head to the shop because my father was in there that I cut my beautiful hair even so ☺☺☺

In time, I used the money I have saved in my shop . . money

I got over my problems this way.



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