How To Hate A Man?

again, again greetings to all of you.

how to hate a woman? offline I wrote just now, actually, I continue it here. Friends, I give you that. Don’t think unilateral in My Book. :):

first we stop about Loyalty. We men cheat more than women. We went to a lot of us get used to monogamy. Opes your dreams when you see a beautiful woman we are. From there, I’m not someone who says No will be, but it’s the truth. So, you don’t need to draw the side. Aaaaaa I hear you ask. Don’t say it.

we left the lady there and we go into the bathroom after entering the US in the hair is lost. Drain the tub after the bath or Shower for the corner of my eye please tell the cook. If you have it let’s get cleaned up an eyesore. This is not difficult. If I say women necessarily leave a beautiful memory souvenir recordings. Hairs and feathers.

when you pee as much as you want C*keep extending. In a way, left to right, plays, and the target slip. Open the lid of the toilet so the water. You pee do it. I got used to it. You get used to it.

we must learn to empathize a little bit. So, we’re going out with friends, and if we want to do just that let’s not forget that his wife would be asked by the very same situation. In this case, what would our response be? Let’s try to see the other side sometimes just thinking about her.

what is this diet, what a sauerkraut. we’re men now, you don’t need to lie. Which one of us you didn’t want to be with her girlfriend? OK, this is a normal situation, but isn’t it strange to be a virgin compared to that woman to marry you? Know what you want and act accordingly.

most of the topic here, I’ll take this topic seriously. You never took your virginity to a woman in the middle and don’t leave. If you are a woman it will be the end. No one has a right to leave a woman behind a wounded heart and shattered!!

pay attention to the sex. Of course, the emotions of the woman in the bed. Sex deranged sex maniac according to him pay attention to you if I didn’t make. Don’t be selfish in bed. Men have sex and so does not mean turning your back on.

tens of minutes at the end of you remain silent what do you think? don’t ever say that the woman who is asking. Anyway, they know the answer. Tell me whatever’s on your mind. Doubt drop him.

Frost all over the room, pajamas and socks stop throwing. This collection women don’t like you your indiscretion and your clutter. Properly remove and throw in the hamper or durmek it’s not difficult.

put your vocabulary the phrase I love you. :): Short and clear.

done. Giving rights to fun and I hope you read what I wrote. My thoughts may sound harsh to you. In respect to everything in you that you want to add in the comments section. Thanks. :):


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