How To Hate A Woman?

all hail the members of girls are asking.

I wrote

Reasons for and the reasons for loving a woman to love a man named, actually, in my opinion, I stand with the new one bearing the quality of my resume. This bendeniz how a woman can hate, can get cold, or we could maddelemey I’ll try to take them off.

Buddy and my brother, with your words you can start to use a lot. A woman me, my brother, I find you repulsive, it’s not a situation to call buddy. I am not a man, your brother. I’m a man. A potential lover, husband or partner I am a candidate for the bed. You should have noticed that before.

I don’t want to be rude and forget naivety and elegance. Women who behave and act like a man never to Jun. Especially in front of her friends or burping *returns kick that woman-looking with a head ugurlayas I come.

The woman groomed. Well-groomed man, she’s doing all kinds of. We can see it. Do not argue to the contrary. But the woman said, Take care of yourself. Whiskers or feathers can be a woman’s body. But please take these. This type of at home or on the outside I implore you to pay attention to detail.

The men’s padded bras and panties putting down into words if I dropped the Turkish language institution, The number of words I want to use me because of copyright. Because of this detail, a lot like Kinder surprise eggs. Of your teeth good, but it is not clear what will happen. Please pay attention to this one.

some of you in our lives is killing us and you’re getting used to the alcohol. Wow then Sir, why men drink so much, getting drunk? the questions are flying. Please let there be good men. Seeing as we need living creatures that you need to stop to annoy us.

your jealousy is unnecessary it overwhelms us sometimes. Fucking C*go into rebellious mode, while I like bags of sand also make sure there is Male to be my girlfriend. Don’t make us use the sentence where did I go wrong. Jealous, but please stop questioning everything with a deadly stare.

endless p*C very disappointed with you because of your love. Man and woman PIC and men who love and value a place to go instead of you’re giving your heart orphanage Anatoly has passed away . Do you prefer to love men and won’t upset you love. Real men distract you are attempting to tell your troubles to.

your trip now for us men the most crucial stage of a horror movie. What happens to give up the habit of the water. Whether or not you qualify to take a trip with us in a way that they are doing. Do you take pleasure in it? I don’t understand.

Sometimes you talk too much. Many times we have complained about you bitching. But it’s not working. At that moment, stick a sock in my ears and I want to be buried in silence. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to your health and your chin talk a little less?

sometimes you don’t corner us. The psychic in you Is there? I’m curious about. Don’t ask questions you know the answer. We somehow we can tell the truth out of fear. More please, you scare us . :):

actually, I came to the end of it. I hope my gender and women they will agree with me I know they’re going to hate me again. But I’m afraid that the truth from the eyes of men. Take care of yourself and goodbye. :):


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