Hürrem Sultan’s Cologne

Suleiman the magnificent,Suleiman the magnificent hürrem Sultan aka the sultan of the sultans of the great love that is connected with a letter he wrote to based on the Notes We have, and again, this Cologne our self-decency,respect, service and sultani ‘hürrem Sultan’.

Cologne compliments the centuries who modernized to a touch different to the present tradition ‘hürrem Sultan’s Cologne’,smell the lemon in addition to guests an option to make a different treat will be indispensable for those who want.

The name with innovation reigned in the Ottoman Empire, hürrem Sultan is located between Cologne,a smell that brought innovation shows the design of the bottle.

stylish in design with the cylinder in the box is a gift,decorations or treats in your home will take place by your your bed in your after that gorgeous bottle.Notes of grapefruit-Tangerine is a special sort of smell, too tracked.First, with the sharpness of grapefruit and menthol after the sweet scent of tangerines what will it mean to relax with you will.

in the period of Sultan Süleyman’s wife,hürrem Sultan, war, gold, jewelry, Cologne and sometimes it is indicated that gift.Kanuni of this fine gift today will continue with colognes hürrem Sultan…

we hope to use in Happy Days…


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