I Think Every Monday Komikli

Yes, I think I’m coming with the first issue of the series komikli traditional friends (:



feysbuk Ataturk did anyone in the profile picture smiley.bilal, I’d like to write to the girl I liked my brother-in-law I wrote.tomorrow we meet my uncle bilal

Izmir Atatürk card because I don’t have the city wearing a t-shirt I’m walking around to give everyone a card I’ve been traveling for 3 days without having to pay for transportation

The Girl 1.50 the height of me to “LEGO of your ego, I’ll do,” he says. The stool from LEGO do you get on face-to-face can’t talk about?

overview of me and my mom (representative)

frodo is a Hobbit of the Shire who was born in the village. accordingly, Frodo villager. then the peasant, not the nation, Lord of the Rings. let’s eyv.

my father last indicated a positive opinion about me, where I was born.

did he have a girlfriend, my mother, on the other hand my dad instantly burst out laughing. Before we could respond, I’m rambling again.

by 10 in the evening we got home my father said. what I did 10% after 10 I came home. we are rebels, we death of the Father, the word dinlicez.

you’re a grown man and my father get married. sorry man I said he said. What is this death only.


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