I wish you could feel some of the emotions in me.

an internal cast claw. Our child’s name is Ali. It’s not Ali, but I don’t want to be known I told some people from the event site. I didn’t tell anyone but it in such detail.

Ali, his eyes a honey color, which are big, Ali. I was on the bus the first day of high school. I saw this, but to me it didn’t matter. I went home and I’ll write daily notes, small papers and I have a big box I’ll throw it in. That night I brought him up in one of the notes the note in my hand right now oops I wrote that today’s children are the type that it was so sweet I ate. Months like those eyes mashallah. I wrote mine here ? puberty, but I’m still a teenager say that, too.

we met just get on with it, take each other’s Word from afar. All that flirting we had the stage to be exact. Of course, continue to write every day. He took my first kiss, I was only 16 years old. I loved him so much. But never tell him that I didn’t. A certain type of already been my feelings ever. But now I’ll do you and didn’t leave a feeling inside of me. He didn’t kiss first. First of all, more than I’ve had with him at the age of 16. She never loved me. But you always call me you looked me in the eye and ‘I love you’ he said. Loved that first one. Ex-boyfriend. I knew I did. Peace was then I knew that too. The other day I cried that day I didn’t cry I guess. To me it seemed that was the way I said to myself. I’m not going near again. I won’t touch her again, I’m not kissing him again. So what’s the verdict with a laugh that I was me again with a message that I was again. And that girl was there. I stayed quiet. I wanted to be with just me. But the gentleman departed from the policy. He was in pretty low spirits. Something I’ve noticed is how not to show it working. He didn’t think that I loved him. I didn’t say never because I love you to her. Because he didn’t deserve that. After the first tune the output ? a lot of girls stay away from me lady ali said. Ali’s next to me threatened. Maybe she opens her mouth, says something, I thought. He didn’t say. We both take a sarcastic look and went back. I knew you didn’t love me. But I wish you hadn’t so certain. Or always saying I love you hadn’t stopped me. The room we stood apart for a while 1 month or so. Then that in me back when we made gurursuzluk. He loves me even when I thought I was happy for a while. And rain hit. Yes, I know, I’m stupid. My friend came and warned me. This kid dear the rain stay away. But it wasn’t raining. Even all the girls are gone. I always stayed. I like ‘ em. All the rain knew. Now this kid, this kid rain me rain. I would stop again if I knew one Darling. I would stop wanting to be with me. I couldn’t resist. I proceeded to never even look at your face. Of course, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t even understood it, I learned the explanation. I would cry every night. I used to sleep crying. I started not to eat anything. My mother had understood something, but was silent. What could I have asked for any day.

one day, I emerged from the service I was walking to the school building. I saw the rain canoodling with it. He knew the girl, me and her when I found out. Yes, I’ve been witness to moments of reconciliation. My eyes, filled myself how not to cry I can’t tell you what I mean. My throat was held. I can’t swallow. Direct service I would always sit in the front in the back how I got on after the events that.

the service, I went in front of the house a concrete sit there and I cried for almost half an hour all you have. My mom was looking for. I texted the service broke, I’m waiting for him. I wiped my eyes. I cried and I know he would know I went to my room without saying anything. I went home at half past 7 o’clock. Until 6 in the morning and sit in my room and cried incessantly. I’ve seen someone else touched him. She felt his scent. Kissed him. Then I fell asleep. 9 a.m. I got up. I’m going to cry. I repeated this to me a few times, God knows-so it worked. I stood in front of the mirror. I was going to get ready for school. Yes I wasn’t crying I was holding myself. My palms grasped my face as I got into her. I couldn’t resist, I cried. I was hurting so was burning. I went into the kitchen. I’ve gone in front of the mirror again and took a knife from the drawer. I threw my arm a scratch . Didn’t get hurt. Three two four.

I missed the service. Even in this case, Yes, I went to school to see him.

the last course was empty and it was getting dark. It was winter, I was sitting on the bench. Suddenly sat next to me. I raised my eyes and with my old eyes I looked. For men, which is what he told me and you’re crying. what was in his eyes. I loved her, but that my needs would be. He used me.

and my mom’s razor. I guess it was a few days after this event than I said above, I don’t remember. Sniffed, kissed and hugged me tightly. I noticed these days face A dec. ‘What happened,’ he said. Saying nothing, my hand went to my arm. I didn’t do it intentionally. Current pain reflex. I opened my arm. She started screaming. One question ‘Why did you do it’ I had no answer. She started to cry. Dull eyes watched her. My mother was crying. But I haven’t cried. Go to my room and I started to cry.

this girl’s father?

my mother separated with my father when I was little they were. I was staying with my mom.

Ali didn’t talk for a while. The closure of schools and close to I said I’ve got the month of May packed full of. This re-he started to get closer to me. Re-at night I started to cry. I was happy with him. I was very happy with it. We we got close. I answered Yes. I couldn’t do without that. What ever he said ‘Do you two, what a simple girl in my bosom when I laugh’ he said to them, demi. She didn’t say she loves me but never. Then we had the new moon one this time and did not hide far from me And now he said to stop. Chose him, I said Okay, so just over a year. Scorecard day I went to school with the excitement of just seeing him. I’d see her during the summer vacation. But it didn’t.

it’s been over 2 years and now this. how right are we now? The same services again and we still love it. But in no way was a convergence. That summer vacation is good for me. Was happening without him, I could do it. Again approached, but this time I didn’t let it. Sometimes accidentally touching me. I can smell it. If there is not a ton and the sound is like that in the world. Happiness, peace of mind is everything. The most beautiful place his eyes huge honey-brown eyes. When I look at it still does things to me.

I never give her a hug. I can’t never kiss him. I’m crying even as I write this right now.

so far I wrote all the notes,the flower you gave me and rip off the front of the house, cigarette butts, the smell of his mouth so he wouldn’t get caught, we take teachers to correct everything I’m going to throw the gum in the bowl. My heart is breaking. I’ll delete all the posts. I’ll delete all the photos. I’ll delete the number. When I’m not going to check if WhatsApp entered in. But in spite of everything, I will never forget him. Bitsede my love for him I will forget him. a

Never, he didn’t deserve my love, but I still love Him.

I’m used to everything I’m used to it. Not to touch him when he’s so close to seeing him with other girls, absence.

I don’t want Her to cry. I want to love someone else. I can’t get rid of him.

I’m always cheerful, I’m careless, I’m numb. Usually they say this. No one doesn’t know him, except for a few people here. I would tell anyone. I’ve told a few people because I don’t know I didn’t tell the full thing from the end. But I just really needed to write today. I’m relieved a little bit. I’m gonna get out now, stop crying, I’ll throw those notes and destroy everything, I’m going to sleep. I’m going to have a nice summer vacation.

and finally, love daisies ??


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