If this continues, no one won’t marry ,because

first, I want to say that I’m tired of seeing unhappy family tables . Yet I’m still single, but married couples around me are so unhappy they no longer threw me into the middle of an investigation, and I have observed everyone and I want to share it with you . The main and the basic difficulty we are in

1) arrays we watched

Arrays started to get inside our heads lately . Yet the language of 5 to 6 year old children, we began to hear your words of love. Arrays like this and just love love hand holding , kissing, and love for many years instilled a sense that there are things such as nation

2) that we have seen in the stranger Comfortable (Supposedly) Life

excuse me strangers, but your wife is kind of disgusting to change up your lifestyle. The concept of family is almost nonexistent. We followed them, we have lost our way. Even a marriage Counselor opened a chapter called ridiculous. However, it was the parents who gives the best advice .

3) I was given the wrong advice , you are wrong ,

The thing I’m most nervous I have come across and the so-called ogutleyici two words

(a) remain in need of the arrow, the Son of the hand .

what do you mean, or the hand of the Son of a lifetime you’ll share a life with him.

(b) watch out for this girl my son get your mind ,

want to be appreciated when you come, but no way do you want his daughter to be a slave .

4) people who lack decency in our environment but cultured ,

Behlül and bihter were in the array and once the so-called Brave people in real life have sprung up, and she told me to go in the pursuit of love , pecker, because of the nest people was wasted and ultimately fell apart .

5) easy access to what you want and civilization and finally the efforts of

wants men , girls that want girls to comfortably reach the stage of marriage that sexual desires need to be in it was so dear of yourself can be satisfied. Give them the money and the men who blew the whistle , Tail wagging, our environment is filled with women who would jump on his bed. You wouldn’t kill anyone nobody.

LOVE, WHEREAS to be in love was to accept everything .

Lord, bless this man and us from this swamp .

Good , happy , peaceful marriages according to the will of the God may grant the Ummah of Muhammad .

peace ,

greetings and prayers .


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