If You Are Pregnant Should Not Consume Them


sexual health, I will continue to address issues such as sexuality. Everyone should know that stuff has to be told. I am not a fan of dry information. Approved, proven and are not based on just my opinion and I will continue to point that out. Tonight I want to touch on the topic of nutrition during pregnancy. I think start.

a lot of women during pregnancy, don’t know what should eat for the health of the baby. A lot of food for your baby is beneficial. The point is, neither should not eat?

consider the personality of the two
first, you need to stop your normal eating habits. Your baby will develop in the direction of Your the foods you eat.

milk and milk products
3 times a day, you need to drink milk. This developing your baby’s tooth, bone, heart, and nerves that play an important role in the formation of calcium, vitamin D, and protein in a store. The important point to remember is the lack of raw milk. Definitely boil the milk or pasteurized milk. Avoid eating cheese made with raw milk. Otherwise the abundance of bacteria, germs and parasites may be exposed to.

processed meats

toast the top of the foot on the way, it’s as easy as eating a sandwich and it might seem to make sense but you you’re pregnant. Edit your list again. Bacteria type called Listeria, especially on these hot days such foods can easily reproduce. You may not be at risk for a standardized adult. But you … you’re pregnant. You are not alone. Your very life on it in the house if you can warm up in preheated oven at 180 degrees pulls, and you can eat.


salads are beneficial in terms of Health. Poor cafe, bar, restaurant prepared, we need to avoid in places such as the salad bar. In a hot environment, at least every second which was made the salads a couple of hours ago, they continue to produce the bacteria. If you want a delicious and healthy salad in your home too in just a few minutes to prepare and you can enjoy them.

fruit juice

fruit juice that you receive is Ready for you, it’s not bad. Freshly squeezed fruit juices but avoid that out. Don’t know how they’ve been kept in the environment. You can’t see what is the state of the door they are waiting. Squeeze the juice of the fruit in your home for the health of your baby is the best way to consume immediately.

meat and fish

one of the most important things you should consume raw fish and undercooked meat during pregnancy. Bacteria, such products love. Preheat the oven thoroughly cook meat and fish in your home and other tight as most healthy method.


eggs are the perfect protein, minerals and vitamins source. You must make sure it’s fully cooked but the yellow and white. Cake batter cookie or some ice-cream, salad dressings, mayonnaise, raw eggs are used. Make sure that the label in such products are pasteurized. You mustn’t consume otherwise. Store eggs in the refrigerator.


excessive coffee consumption can lead to miscarriages during pregnancy. Up to 200 mg of daily caffeine consumption is considered safe. This is equal to 1-2 cups of coffee. However, some of our women may be more sensitive to caffeine during pregnancy. As well as coffee, chocolate and energy drinks also include caffeine.


in the bodies of some fish contain high amounts of mercury.Mercury are usually seen in large species of fish. These are shark, Swordfish, King mackerel, and species such as canned tuna. Good news is, consuming low mercury types of fish that contain high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids you can get. Salmon, and shellfish.


vitamin A contains. Your baby’s embryonic development is an important food source for the vitamin. Fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs, you receive more vitamin. More birth can lead to problems. I have plenty of vitamin A in the liver. So you should stay away from it throughout your pregnancy.


very little is received, and often when not swimming during pregnancy to be the risk factors was observed. But this doesn’t mean it won’t hurt the baby. There is a definite evidence in this direction. Best not to drink for 9 months.

Thank you for your interest. Hope to see you another dime.


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