If you do, we guarantee to lose your lover!

women are in fact beings are not as complicated as you think. With a few little things is actually very easy we can be happy. I’m going to count them but you won’t notice that the guys who made things right down, make sure you know you are very close to losing a woman.

1. Sorry I don’t understand what you said?

a couple of times it is a situation that can’t be removed, but frequently and consistently what, dear I don’t know, can you repeat it? to say to a woman you haven’t listened to him and he says you don’t care about what the image evokes.

2. She’s a beautiful woman, aren’t you, my love?

Guys, when you have a boyfriend, no matter how nice you are advised to look at another woman. If you look at it, looks about your girlfriend/wife don’t wait for approval from. If you’re doing, at least do it on the sly.

3. Today it’s Monday, so what?

Guys, whatever birthday, anniversary, special days like Valentine’s Day etc but never never forget. If you can’t remember your phone’s calendar to save it, let me remind you that leave. But whatever you do, don’t forget your special day.

4. You’re really planning to wear that dress, aren’t you?

we’re not saying to be jealous, we say that you do not miss a dose. a

5. Regardless of the dreams and emotions of a woman, don’t play.

Continued : 2 Warranty if you make them to lose your lover


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