I’m Really Sick Of Listening To That Song Not 5 Guns

rock music and listening groups set aside so far-if you’ve heard if before – this music group. Guns N’ Roses group, was founded in California in 1985, an American rock band. Band members Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy stradli, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler signed a contract with Geffen records in 1986 with the staff of years that no member of the Group is not currently included in the group from the staff except Axl Rose. She has sold 100 million albums all over the world the former group.

this rock band’s first album, appetite for destruction was sold in 1987. After over 1 year of publication, both the album and the second single from the album, published the piece “sweet child o’ mine reached number 1 on America’s music charts. I think it is a great song and you won’t get tired of listening to cult of an artifact.

single parts, then November rain, don’t cry, live and let Die, knocking on heaven’s door, Estranged, and yesterday’s songs that the Group has brought great success. November rain clip with a 4 million dollar has been one of the world’s most expensive video clips.

the best clip November rain MTV 1992 awards have been selected.

Again, I am talking about the same period you can’t get enough of listening to her songs with a single Estranged. Never in my life I haven’t listened to such a perfect song. You don’t need to know English for you to take pleasure. You just look at the quality of the music, artistic direction listen.

04:40 listen to it loud 😀

Paradise City song, or listen to on bus trips I would recommend. The music in the beginning sounds great.

we’re on our last song. A little sad mood, in a mood some thoughts when you are purifying the soul is a song I think.

I thank you for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

*special thanks for @_Bluelady


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