Impromptu Makeup In 5 Minutes (Parody)

first, a big hello to everyone friends 🙂 KS as a user, I wanted to touch on the topic of makeup we all have. Primarily in your hands while doing makeup on YouTube such as assorted brushes, palette it doesn’t have to be colorful. Focus on them is just a waste of time. Remember, we have only 5 minutes! Ready when you are 🙂

The first thing we need to do a skin on our face before makeup wash with soap. And if possible, a water-based cream to moisturize. So we’re going to do our makeup will cling to the pores of your skin are more robust.

first start with the mascara 🙂

Tamamdiiiirrr 😀 The eyeliner now!

five hours if you are taking this step eyeliner isn’t for you. Scroll to the right to the right, sir downs at the end of the corridor 😀 we’re going to illuminate your skin with your foundation with the rest 🙂 we need to notice here what your skin tone use a foundation on top of lighting to capture up to 2 tons.

after this operation, we’re doing our makeup lip quickly 🙂

Out in 5 minutes suppperr extraordinary, unusual, impossible haziiiiirr our makeup! I’m sure you all are very curious about the result. In 5 minutes that we did here is incredible, unbelievable, amazing makeup !

The 5-minute will only go so far 😀 Well, what were you expecting ,P

@I came up with the idea , Thank you.


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