In this respect, our college-reading?

I have no idea how is the environment there, frankly some of the girls and the girls already beautiful from that angle in the media yiyisile when I think I’m crazy sometimes

not half as handsome as I am just hang out with beautiful dark brown hair that blond character properly purpose of non-roving so the kids in college to be the only plus from me in that environment

when I think I’ve really given it some thought 🙂 😀

I’m not egotistical, but my height, my weight, my face, I’m a very handsome boy but I like the way I get because I can’t come close to happening in any of the girls or this girl from college or finished College.

I talked to all the girls I have visited all of them beautiful or ordinary or normal girls didn’t like me because I didn’t get along with the girl next to me that I could get the same level of understanding would have been a more beautiful Darling girlfriend.

now in here I’m sure, even he’s not handsome but the character properly, not just in the College environment I get very, very beloved are the children of a beautiful girl

obtain a beautiful girlfriend or whatever his name is vs serious and sincere that I want to build a relationship and get married with a beautiful girl

Why want to get married ?

because he’s my only chance, I discovered that the beautiful girl in the world I know 😀

if I was in the quest I’m sure I wouldn’t be in college right now,I just find that girl to make her happy and what I think 🙂

happiness is WHERE the future is unknown, but I realized that was the way to get the beautiful girls through College, and you can’t live in an environment that was in the past


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