Increasingly Europe are alike?

as a society adapt to the new world order and sample that we received from Europe in the early foals we won’t have a difference to the level we come.

who sleeps while his neighbor is hungry is not one of us.

says our prophet(s.a.v) we are living in the same apartment is now almost the people we don’t know. When we met a good day, a good night we are not in the word, such as grace. We’re running to be found.

I’ll tell you right now-we’ve all heard the story of the time he did the shopping mall and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, the trades can understand. Shop the shop The maximum amount of other receivables from one of its neighbors I gained enough money from the owner of the shop today. Room may win says. But now we are looking at even one of the trades that has taken precedence over ambition to win the whole thing. Hopefully, the Lord gives us to restore the integrity of our past RU households.

Unfortunately, we are no longer witnessing them. Our daughters married, they fall prey caught in their own lust for life without installing a socket. In Europe we no longer seek to emulate this level of morality, decency and bozgunlug of the situation.

In this article I gave a few examples for you to come into our national consciousness. We are a nation we are notorious to take care of yourself and the world. If you have an exemplary society, this is US.


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