Indicating That Causes A Man Are Only Friends With You

Hi everyone,

you know, so society became in a relationship that it’s gotten simpler. Fake fake Valentine’s love, too, increased. We have each an underlying reason. Something to show your friends just what I’m going to talk to you about the relationship. Read it carefully.

1-You look – to look

look at you if he won, and don’t expect to love it here if you guys are just friends laughs her eyes.

2-If you care about the environment

Together of your environment doesn’t care for you, seriously if you don’t expect love from here.

3-if she’s afraid of making eye contact

do not last for a long time, but if you focus, don’t expect anything from this relationship you guys are just friends.

4-If your environment does not pay attention to the eating of

eating together in a normal environment, he doesn’t care about the smell my calling, if you eat garlic and onions-esteem or wood though this can’t be love men in love can be that’s a different thing.

5-dress to wear to be with you if he does not pay attention to

The weirdest in the community will be judged, ragged and irregular, shapeless clothes against you, especially if you hang out here don’t call it Love is out of the question.

6-eating together, or when you have to drink water from the same

let’s work together in one place eating and drinking from the same water you’re drinking when you drink, did you drink from the water, attach the water bottle to his mouth, even if you are involved in various efforts to look for love don’t.

7-If you apply the same attitude in communication with other friends somehow

how the environment where you hang out with friends if you have the same behavior if you do somehow moves and his style here is in love with you and hoslant that is out of the question.

8-give late responses to messages

normally, I never that I didn’t deserve a normal relationship as a friendship not even the thing I hate most, especially if she doesn’t like you gives people like you the late reply to your messages.

9-If something is telling you your private life does not pay attention to

in the same environment you told me on the topic you are trying to attract the attention your private life if you take it seriously again, we can’t talk about love.

I’m sorry, but THAT she sees you only as a friend 🙁

Thank you, respect labor


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