Innocent of the literature must be done.

Himself, who thought it was always others who are not as innocent innocent to hail the audience the fallacy of…

In this article I will address the weight of the thing that know, and I’m declaring to you that as conscious of every word I’ve written was written.

after this declaration, before entering the topic as a reminder.
to accept or reject what is written don’t read, Read with your preconceptions broken.

unidentified gunmen detonated a bomb in a mall…
as a result of this explosion of many people.
this is women, children, the elderly, men so civil people.

people with a belief in God which is the cause of the creation of “free will” had the chance to put in a question that cannot be answered by children who die this way. They say it was an angel of God, but give it a chance because that would be in contradiction to the exam take the exam and will not be accepted.

The test spent on the person of God, to death in the first 2 3 months of the test and introduce the issue of elimination of the test is a big problem. Sinless to receive separate goes straight to heaven, so that creates a problem.

God is doing an exam, but the exam two month old baby to abort the test to start.
Why did pushups from the beginning to the end if then obviously we all would that we had died when he was two months old the approach was born.

it’s not complicated, but for the communities who don’t think it’s too difficult to relate to.

let’s look in to this issue of atheist thought…

this atheist thought on the subject of our animal instincts that evolved from a common ancestor and similar issues in the formation of the universe and the coincidence of the human factor within the approach to be valid exhibits.
at least it builds on the foundations.

won’t accept them and will reveal the differences in both sides, of course.
our friends that would be very productive when it comes to writing and rhetoric.
since I didn’t write any of these topics, just open the topic and when it is spoken or written something on it: “I think she was a part of the applause of the audience saying they go into that explanation you get.


the people who put a bomb in a mall and order and people live in the world we live in is going to get hurt.

the evil of a starving child in Africa and all of humanity, all of humanity is evil and the people who died with a bomb.

human creatures who live on earth called all the responsibility belongs to us as for what’s happening.
The earthquake locations are known for rotten houses will be done and how we’re doing and whether it is known but here we’re dying. It’s not the fault of this nature as human beings, it is our fault.

the mother and father who were lost in the bomb blast while shopping for your child are accomplices in this crime.
for every creature killed on the responsibility to us as human and innocent we’re not, actually.

equal justice with the concept of us as individuals and which you think are we in love?
We love our friends, even our friends that we don’t like we’re being different!
to make more money, we’re pushing it on others, Beggars today if you have originates from people themselves wanting more, they want to share isn’t one.

there are two kinds of this responsibility.
first, live a life that would cause directly to them.
secondly, this unable to resist, fight by failing to maintain the scheme indirectly.

and again no one called and Allah will not take on God’s will for crime to be taken to the religious, the atheist, certain people will be evil.

until we take on our own shoulders this responsibility as human beings, we will be under the signature of all evil.

public, and it’s not the game, I’m writing to myself.


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