Istanbul Natural Aesthetic, Nose, Breast, Body, Face, Butt Combined Dental Aesthetics Aesthetic

dental surgery

The front teeth for aesthetic reasons or for those who want to make a change in what would be now they’re trying to get ideas of the image after the treatment.

thanks to computer aided design programs the smile, your teeth, without any action prior to the operation to be performed at the end of your new smile on your face, you can see that the estimated results would stand.

The results of Patients taking a printout of this design if they so wish take home and family, etc are able to have an idea before attempting to this medical aesthetic treatments by evaluating with. Smile design and smile on a person’s face that suits you the most with her character and Design, together with the patient where the physician spends the time determined as a result of an examination and the expectations will be laid out can be applied.

to be able to provide this, porcelain laminate veneers, crowns, implants and all treatment methods can be applied.


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