Istiklal Street, Istanbul do you want to see without sight?

Hi all,

I’d like to introduce you this CEM in an unusual exhibition yi, to think about some of the challenges the visually impaired face in the street for an excellent opportunity, yet I’m not gone I’m thinking of going. We can go.


Adult: 28.00 GBP
Discount: 19.00 € (65 + years old, student, disabled)

Visually impaired people from the US and from the life. Though they live like 1.5 hours to replace one yourself the visually impaired and understand them do you want ?

you can browse to the introductory video.

In the dark ( dialogue in the dark )

this exhibition, you will forget this experience, you will bring together all that have become the symbol of Istanbul with the urban space.

but it was completely in the dark! You heard me right! Istanbul is specific to the unique sound, smell, texture and temperature “seeing as you will discover in new ways!

this experience in the US , Guide for the visually impaired. The senses of sight our guide to show us the way to him for outside will be delivered.

Then, welcome to the darkness! They leave it at your door then you kosullamal and bias, and get ready to experience a really great time!

in 30 different countries, 135 cities , over 8 million unique visitors Reached.

those who went to the exhibition, with the guidance of the visually impaired guide, a white cane in the hand without seeing Istanbul classic only “see” the places you will visit and important.

with eyes closed, facing the way we’re riding the subway in Taksim Square. GUIDING SOUND AND SMELL.

the dialogue in the dark will forever change your perceptions about being seen or seeing less of all!

The Bride, Istanbul see “beyond”! they call it.

Click here for reviews sour dictionary.

whatever happens, immerse yourself in this experience. really nice, it’s an experience that taught me a lot. take the kids around even when she will get better.

the tickets, or from the exhibition admission free the address can be obtained from.

The address of the exhibition
exhibition space at the Gayrettepe Metro Station
Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere CAD. Istanbul, Turkey



  • Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Sunday: 12:00 – 19:00

Tickets can be obtained from the time of closing until 1 hour ago.

it’s about 1.5 hours long at the first opportunity I’m going, I’m going to tell you. Necessarily experience this.

Dialogue in the dark official web site

please check out the tab before we came to the exhibition:

Question: AS your eyes closed for 1,5 hours to wander through the streets of Istanbul would you like?

compared to information collected in the questionnaire for the first time I heard it.I’d like to go said.

asking the girls what they said to the members of the dialogue in the dark,


@doctor : it’s a very meaningful question. It’s a very good thing. I’m not in Istanbul. But I’d love to go. It’s a very good project in terms of creating awareness. Do you know how long it will last?

@Nupelda00 : participated in this exhibition is a very different experience. Concerts are in the dark, that also could be interesting.

@carefree chick : the most effective way for blind people to understand that I have never heard of before that iett had prepared this activity before, but I wonder if I couldn’t attend 🙂

@daughter of darkness : for the first time I heard it, I’d like to go.

@K3lebekk : Again a different share 🙂 I heard for the first time, it might be nice

@locomotive-orange : exhibition rather than really I’m imagining it might be. Or I’d be under a car, or I would fall into a pit.

@Batumi RU : 1.5 hours affect others in the bad dark. So I didn’t go. ( However, if you want to leave before the end of the exhibition, still within easy reach, many exit points will be available.)


@Scorpion Mavis : for the first time I heard it trying to move, I would TSK for sharing

@The Rain man : DUDE, I went there 4 months ago.

@Krmzi_sortlii : it’s a great project

have fun.

*** All my dime if you want to browse tick. :


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