It became fashionable to disparage the Turkish man

there are so many people aiming to disparage his own race in this country is an embarrassment of riches, I no longer think so I’m writing Yi

now who says friends

this Turkish man

all right let the Italian man’s Buddha-they’re all in the pocket

Istanbul Turkish fethedend

the heroic protectors

Turkish youth!

your first duty is to preserve Turkish independence and the Turkish Republic forever defend.

the foundation of your existence and your future. Based on this, your most precious treasure. In the future, too, you will want to tear this treasure from you, internal and external bedhah. One day, compelled to defend your independence and your Republic if you’re checking for I’d prefer to keep taken to accomplish your mission! This is a very well written article. The annals of independence, the representatives of an unprecedented triumph all over the world they may be. Through force and deception, the beloved country has captured all the castles, all the shipyards have entered into, occupied, all its armies dispersed and every corner of the country Easy to be read again and again this film should have the power he used to join in and misguidance. Even this ruling, they may identify their personal interests with the political ambitions of the owners of mustevli. Folks, may be impoverished ruined and exhausted.

you son of Turkish o your future! The schools in this study you, your duty is to save Turkish independence and the Republic! You are needy and strength, and is available in the noble blood in your veins!

friends and don’t forget the medicine this country condemning the race of the body , not the desire for victory,earned the love of the Motherland.

how happy I am a Turk Diyene0

the end of the first Benjamin . Hopefully krkini own decrying the faceless creatures.

best regards.


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