It Is Important To Know How To Touch A Woman’s Heart?

to get to the heart with roses, with a rose you’re floating in the depths of his heart, with a rose heart a throne prepare, issue, loaded with loaded with meaning roses a rose not a rose love rose love rose love is a fire of love or the representation of a red rose the woman of your life with the heart can beat.

The hug as tight a hug will never be broken, to feel her skin on her skin, to feel the beating heart of her heart, smell her hair, to instill a sense of trust into the depths of his heart, loving and a tight hug is a lifetime.

eyes the tears the storms the winds to ease his pain in his heart in your heart your life was cut loose in his heart artcilar should happen, whether they are earthquakes in your heart, in your eyes, let your tears flow, tears of blood to your heart, you must be the greatest comfort to the anguish of his heart, the anguish of your heart and your eyes you should rain on dindirmel.

The woman think emotionally charged emotional woman sometimes a cloud goes in a quiet corner, tears in their eyes you don’t know, open ear agitating buried deeper in your heart listen to your heart did you hear the voice of your heart, maybe a sincere heartfelt hug, a sweet smile, maybe a promise of sweet woman maybe is the biggest comfort.

happy woman with a smile on his face with a smile the woman who rose in the sky the Rising Sun of the woman, the woman happy happy in the morning, there was Wake, night’s dream the woman is happy now, happiness, the sun shines, the woman is happy now to reach the pinnacle of Success, the woman is happy now aciverir the flowers of happiness at home.

The woman, a mother makes for the children broom in their hair, it makes any kind of sacrifice of life for the children and maybe sometimes maybe sometimes lives a flower, a thank-you for a mother the greatest happiness.

The meaning of love in love women women is the woman inspired into the man’s hearts is an angel who has given the woman the meaning of love, the love of a woman itself, the choice to love instead of woman love a woman to understand because it is the most accurate.


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