It wouldn’t hurt to read

First, I am a religious person . But no one literally can’t live or doesn’t live his religion. I’m open to criticism, as long as its not an insult . ?

If you believe in the religion of Islam, and well, if you agree . Tawheed your religious priority .

our Lord’s most precious ❤

The Lord then we wouldn’t be without , that made heaven and earth created for the sake of beauty of the universe, Hz.Muhammad ❤

we are always peaceful and the Koran only port siginicag ❤

all the blessings God has given us hands , feet , eyes, and the ability to see , the outer lip ,Nov , eye,soul , mind, strong body . we are thinking about ourselves we should be thankful always following . Yeah, the earth , plants ,animals. thousands of beauty than I can count .

The only bad thing he gave Us . Yummy .

choice , guided and pushed. If you take this road and look great no matter what you face, you have a gift to send a gift, eternal end is beautiful .

this elevation no matter what you do there is no way to end the frustration . And eternal pain and loneliness .

I showed you, and Allah says that the choice is yours ❤

pretty good hope to be one of his chosen servants .

our mother everything we forgive regardless of what our dad’s mistake somewhere, but mother forgives . God gave mothers a piece of self . Mother is very forgiving . Is just a guideline. With his presence you will find peace . A hard time at first, you go to him . You can’t give up . And to love you . The issue could be with his mother everybody hope to deal as soon as Paradise under the feet of mothers alhamdulillah, my mother is still alive, but even that prick when they hear the word mum her mother’s right non – ? I can think of❤

Children is the greatest blessing the Lord has given . There are people that should not differentiate between boys and girls without no human like I said, we need to think with your children is always a child click below Allah ? trial tests . If not there are a to say no in which case don’t try too hard . If you forced it, you will be deprived of the radiant child of heaven ?will Always wish for the best .

it’s not.

before you judge People look at yourself .

I wonder what did I tell you this man or this woman or this kid say he gave me this answer ?

seen a pro or someone and you’re offended . I wonder what made you say them in the act . Call and do not call people words and wantonness .

and all the people you know do not compare with a single person .

how had a bad day, even though always be grateful .

The power of God can do anything, you’ll be worse than the worst . Thankful that God always save you from the helpless situation in which it resides .

Oh, you mean you say that now ,

I pray it doesn’t accept .

I always find worse .

always, more pain.

praise him , the angels bring prayers to God delivers plenty of Salavat Salavat prayer behind again I agree if not, God has a plan . Maybe that will be the end for you you pray to the things in the truck . God in heaven will protect you and enable you to achieve a high mark from him . did you read ? I don’t know . But there is a reward ✌✌ I love my Lord


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