It’s Not The Motto Of The Turkish Nation Needs To See The Truth

all the TVs they are all liars I see all kinds of guys rock I think is exploitative.In this country, still there are thousands of people who go into the meat from the victim while the victim is home to half a million young unemployed College.

call in a favor to find a job when entered into the waiting queue.Which justice, equality, the concept of democracy in which the people that put you to sleep?Someone’s got the balls kebab while I’m sure the public will be to always be worse in the future.

as I see it, all parties are the same they all got the same trouble. Folks numb and stale slogans entered a dead end. What unemployment looks like you could size it came to what it promises mutes the posture of a charismatic leader put to sleep.

for the love of hungry people date flag of the Motherland consciousness, the consciousness of being a nation and even religion become weak. Because in philosophy, while even the poor guys thinking it’s the job. All he cares about is to find his own subsistence. I’m so afraid of the future. Ever been to a party I don’t believe that.

the burden of failure while in the past each new incoming tries to show himself perfectly.Believe me, if you call right empty all parties, then a saddle on our backs every incoming hits.Shall we enjoy the tale of someone trying to paint the eyes of the nation with a small minority in the back which he and his followers peacefully sleeping in his bed the rest of a lot happier.

In countries where living standards are good in this reality, hunger and conscious control of the mechanism.The unemployed segment of America would not be so calm if it was read.This is a fact.There will be more requests or they shouldn’t.TVs purchased in the hopeful words out of the mouth of the clown always live according to it.

everything so rosy a garden of beautiful flowers everywhere. Life for everyone is very nice. There is a shortage nobody’s.Let’s let’s laugh a little.Maybe it’s the only reason to be happy all our fights. Maybe we enjoy pain. Maybe rough thoughts.

maybe it’s just we don’t have the job. Maybe it’s just learned helplessness. We stayed maybe insensitive. Maybe our dreams was motivated. Maybe we are afraid to dream. Just maybe we fooled ourselves into. Maybe we were thinking of just ourselves. Maybe it’s based on the egg door is still


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