It’s Time To Say Bye Bye To Acne!

first of all, this is my first CEM, gentle friends, please ?????

* first you need to eat healthy ( although as well as Dec, although in exceptional circumstances :p ) .

* you should consume plenty of water in order to increase the flexibility of the skin.

* you must reduce consuming alcohol and cigarettes ( ahh continue not too difficult isn’t it :p )

* The days albeit in a half hour and you must be careful to exercise is an important ingredient for your body and for your skin. What exercises and how you said you would I assume.

– slight tempo running

– riding a bike

– Hiking

– and AND and swimming, friends ??

* don’t touch your face unnecessarily. Increases the number of bacteria on your skin every time you touch your face! ( we won’t touch you so don’t do it don’t mA le chef in our faces 🙂 because bacteria = acne nihahahaha :p

meanwhile ahh, sunny weather is bad news to those who say Oh vitamin D mis a kebab or something!

* the sun can’t be good for acne. You must protect your skin from the sun. Yes, but how? So we already 🙂 when choosing a sunscreen and be lean at the same time you will get pimples and pimples creams you have to be careful not to 🙂

* increased sweating perspire causes the formation of acne unfortunately with the arrival of summer so often you should shower 🙂

now let’s see if we can’t do at home for Pimples

1) This for the acne and the stains it left behind,
one tea spoon of white clay a teaspoon of lemon juice and aspirin bring them into powder and stir. Apply this mixture to your skin, pimples for 4 days.

2) If you say give me something for sure I don’t have so much time, half a lemon a few drops of apple cider vinegar with the help of a cotton ball on cleansed skin at bedtime, apply on your face leave it until the morning. In the morning wash your face with warm water and rub your face with a towel and mineral water. If on, primarily put sunscreen walk out 🙂 you’ve got 1 week to notice the difference and apply them all 🙂

and hold on tight 🙂

you’ll be where you don’t want to drive the concealer on your face. May okay. First, you’re doing what I said above. Then we’re taking an ice cube in our hands, face, pimples and acne spots some of the places we’re showing the good news. then, we have established our faces wet. Drinking a glass of tea, then half fill it with water, tighten until the end of half a lemon, 1 tablespoon salt, and stir. Apply with cotton on your face. Wait for 5 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. What makes this ? 🙂

acne scars 2-3 hours pass, if you have inflamed acne pus is hampered by the appearance of the white part 🙂 all these for 2 to 3 hours for a permanent solution of course, the above important friends 🙂

to read the end First I want to thank Benjamin ???

This is my gift to you, take one, everyone 🙂 :*


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