Jesus said a person of the most relaxed places to have

Yes, this is the most valuable a person’s most benchmade KS residents-ohh you said 5 for the moment bee event I’ve listed from most to least derledimm look into it and here you go.

1.Ohh very good news come the bad news, while we wait for bee steal your phone and we hope this event she’s at the top of the list don’t live nobody

2.In a tight spot while it is running and remove the key when you open the door and go up the stairs 3e 4 E-folding at the last minute to pee, oh, after dedirtmes brings him into second place on our list.Non-living there is that I guess

3.Sausage thirsty in very hot weather stuck in sweat to her he walked like a buzz or something like that and see a water fountain and washed his face with his hand the blood after drinking the water so you can say ohh bee this event takes place during the third of our list.

4.In places where there is a lot of people during residency the gas from one Fig,l bee and hold him when we find a secluded place until you change ohh Salman’s our list of 4.the order brings.

5.During the last of our list boys and girls I’m gonna have an event that everyone goes through, so you can expect the examination/course/bee the moment you see ohh that you have passed from thigh at the last moment 😀

Thank you Umarimm enjoyed.


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