Keep Your Hair Free Of Moisture : Hayashi Fit System Daily Conditioner

environmental impacts, solar, factors such as Frequent washing is causing our hair to remain free of moisture. Dry remaining hair is winding down as it has more matte appearance. Hayashi fit system daily conditioner daily conditioner daily hair care that belong to the series in the rush, even without the need to devote additional time and Vitality you can restore the moisture your hair needs.

Hayashi Fit System Daily conditioner offers much more than a regular conditioner to your hair. Designed for all hair types, with herbal extracts softens hair restorative and protective properties in the content with daily conditioner, kinky opens and gives energy to the hair.

unlike many daily conditioner and conditioner to the scalp it can be applied by discarding the dead skin cells of the scalp, it gives the air. Birch tree extract the oil content in the hair and that helps keep your skin balance, daily conditioner, prevents hair loosing vitality and even frequent use.

healthy hair is easy to have you alive and with Miss Hayashi. We will use the daily conditioner every day after shampooing your hair and scalp without the need for additional time.

how to use: after shampooing, massage into hair and leave on for 1-2 minutes and apply with plenty of warm water is rinsed.

Price : 36,00 TL – 250 ml


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