Kenan evren statesman

after looking at the photos that contain the state of the country before September 12, Kenan evren’s rant about

People scribble of Canaan before the Pasha,to analyze the period until 12 September 1980.people can’t walk the streets,banks being robbed, with a gun not with political Polls is being done, schools are being bombed, universities education cannot der Pol A and Pol were divided even at the police station.

The state of the environment has made the security mechanisms of dysfunctional anarchy and terror,political instability and the mechanism had become even the President of the Parliament who are colorblind, different political thoughts political thought of not killed with a gun on September 12 have been executed. a

The 17-year-old erdal Eren when buying bread from the grocery store they say has not been captured and executed have been executed for killing a cop, 18 years old 20 24 26 28 from the survey prepared during the period September 12 and the period of the Constitution of the universe karalayan a record that has been elected with votes collected by the folks if they know I wonder ?

Kenan evren was the leader of a political party was not a statesman, and he did what he had to the continuation of the state on 12 September with the chain of command all the army were held by the commander was then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs today, and everyone has fulfilled its mandate of the Constitution to the military.


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