KS I think the admin section misuse of assisted

Dec homepage as well as the (super?) dime’s curious about what I’m reading. There are very useful information and sharing, yes, but nearly all of the claws almost copy-paste. a

also, I think KS is very misunderstood. Flex some interest to some of our friends for some money, I don’t know what copy and paste articles found on the left on the right and almost all of them wrote like that as I think they share themselves Super are selected. I’m talking about the copy in any of labor’s personal opinion, no experience and no comments.

I think it’s just one I met with, “everything about the group Radiohead!” I’m listening to the band more often than it used to be also I liked the fact that KS is being drawn or written about. I started to read and quickly directly clicking on the title. I don’t know that there wasn’t a single song I didn’t listen to the one piece of information. Written looked familiar from somewhere and are curious what I see that I ran a Google arak directly from Wikipedia. I’m saying look I’m not saying the quote because the whole point of the post arak, a comma was taken from there. There’s the example bussur similar, but tonight’s our scapegoat this girl 🙂

if you’re going to Quote the quote you did at least get a minimum from the article, and comment your own opinion or something to squeeze in. OR WRITE ABOUT A SUBJECT YOU DON’T KNOW. By selecting our homepage by making them Super Admins lazy encourages. However, what it will do is take the first sentence of the article in the browser and very simple search. Take a look and found the article to match you completely if you delete or choose not to be bencei or super. In this way, in their own words the experience with labor and I think that will cool down his writing than the writer.

I think that should be read before you write I think


mentioned I think


(photographs in her Defense, Wikipedia)


Look, here’s what I discovered a huge nail. I’ll finish with a beautiful quote sign that I’ve found the ready writing :d

it’s true that I’m not ambitious, but the determined non-live should be a place where they can, I mean a better place than the existing floor. At half past six in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock to wake up and leaping out of bed, dressed, and forcibly atistiran something, shit, piss, brushes his teeth, his hair just as if you scanned someone else struggling with traffic to get to a place that brings big money to, and all of them desired to be thankful for the opportunity to have one of how can I enjoy life? (Charles Bukowski)


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