KS is found in love for me :)

I posted a question 18 days ago and on the day of 21 March 2015. whereas I was just asking that question about what’s going on. boredom here. the purpose fun to pass the time etc .etc.

that was how it started.

knocked on the door that’s been sealed for many years like that. many of you, knock you with nonsense , my life , the standard of living , my thoughts , my sense of love in the form of a functioning Renaissance virtually changed. I also heart the throne of the Renaissance, there was riots.

day by day , day by day increase and increase.

found myself dumbfounded in the ring of fire. over time I have become more and more integral parts. my nights in the morning , how many time a day I spent with him. my dreams are my dreams.

from the internet in spite of those who say it’s not love , I let love come to you. I’ve kept my feelings inside of me like a child , but only for a short while .

time , while you focus the feeling is mutual , KS, came slowly to us , our emotions couldn’t keep up with faster and more mesajlasip opened with a ceremony which is a platform where we can see the passage of whatsapp 🙂

more and more she was with me , exactly as I hoped , he was walking with me in my heart.

after a time the phrase I love you my tongue fell off. it was her turn she was confused.

very short and sweet, actually. thus was taken on the basis of a great love.

we found each other we also have the KS , and from then on we have no contention.07.04.2015 so yesterday finally we met , with love, with love, within the framework of respect. you don’t know what it was like to look in the eyes of love I can’t describe. ks family , Thank you is a tool to find true love. you’re happy there, KS.

I love you so much @Dual Core . my life to you.

(ks us pray family , we need it too )


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