KS let’s all do our door in the summer that came the people of the streets. :)

finally the weather is getting quite hot summer.We all want to drink a lot of water.The human body must consume 2-3 liters of water on average.
and animals need water? They will be able to find water?
the body of a puppy 84%, of the adult dogs 60% water.They need 2 liters of water per day on average.
If we get our cat, cats are known to be more resistant to difficult conditions compared to other creatures. All cats

body weights of @ ‘S, even when they lose they can survive. They store

carbs and their fat reserves and related were able to survive, but water resistant of the structure are unable to provide this without the same success was observed. Cats body fluids 10% of the portion of the loss of body fluids hastalanabiliyor badly while 15% of the ‘loss of the first part, death is inevitable.
220-280 ml of water daily drinking water needs, cats need to consume.
the beginning of our streets , certain water containers wouldn’t be good to put in corners? They, like us, they need water all we have to do the finished yogurt buckets, water bottles, a container of water and again cut you can get.Thank you to all of you for reading my KS to vouch for people.I have a favor to ask of you guys, can you put some water in a container right in your alley 🙂 good day, everyone.


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