Language Is Alive, It Is Meaningless To Mould Him

Language and change

in our country there is one thing I don’t understand and I will never understand. Try to find a Turkish Word and make every word separation and hostility expression. I want to write the wrongs on this subject.

“The path of ruin in a nation, their language is disturbing.” (Muhammad Iqbal)

to make the distinction between the words Language Fakirlestirir

this I’ve heard from ordinary people. I heard the person is a person very forward in his career. In contrast, the President’s career is to be realistic. Our linguists in the language for years, they fed the words of enmity against both Turkish and foreign origin.

forced to throw the word they tried to get him to say a word. Wipe and say they forced you to always important important. However, they failed to understand the fact that it’s a return to the essence of, but also the essence of alienation, a break with the past! After the people adopted the words despite, in the words so what’s the difference ? Now for words that it’s not just us ? There are words, synonyms, if you ask me, but es is not the word. Always a possibility is not a substitute for possibility. Es the meaning of that word, is the wife of the other spouse does not. Bridal poems.

your right, it is not beautiful that’s a possibility,
The Art of Hyperbole, (Orhan Veli)

Turkish, Turkish(!) now that’s what

you have your share, the probability that it is not beautiful,
ability to overestimate the size of

-What poetry is to the left of me in the middle at the base away from the bottom closer proximity.

it, and it’s free
and brotherly like a forest, this yearning for us (Nazim hikmet)

it’s free
us this longing And brotherly like a forest

-from the sound stage disappeared. Aesthetic flew.

it’s not just art, but science. There are two units in physics. Whereas speed and velocity in time-taken from language face were studied. We will prosper if they fired what would happen ? Speed and velocity speed is how we can express with the single word separation ? Environmental Science Ecology and Environmental Science words or him as we do also in case you were going to keep one ? Well, it’s not the same thing, there is a difference please !

we don’t have to use one of the two Definitely. We are condemned to someone. It’s all ours! We have all our wealth!

I’m not opposed to the derivation of Turkish words. I wish even Turks have advanced in science, although we find the first words to us had spread all over the world. But it didn’t work. Then let us be realistic and stop soon.

in society, it is important to use origin

a state can’t decide whether the Word was dead. However, the people can decide. If it has not been used is still alive. From this angle, the above words how ridiculous people impose Turkish as foreign-sourced ones that impose is absurd. Let’s be fair.

you don’t have a say in your daily life large instead of big. Not the people. Instead of sleepwalking or sairfilmenam. I think that Word doesn’t come back died is no longer in force. Goes dead survives in the dynamic process which are useful. Natural. Try to kill or resurrect a word that is contrary to the nature of the language. It happens spontaneously in these processes over time.

keeping up with Language nonsense words, don’t embarrass

Here I want to congratulate Atatürk. Most of them are really very successful in the field of Mathematics and geometry the geometry derived from Turkish words of Atatürk, the first type was featured in the book. A word about the book

Open, plus, minus, slash, equation subtract, add, etc. etc.

there’s a few word repellent, but in general, the success of entry in the vicinity of the derivation. That’s a pretty good ratio. However, one TDK today to see what’s then. Arrays have been around for many years today. . .


the diner=Otlangac

Bus=Very Oturgacli Goturgec

funny isn’t it 😀 I guess they’re pushing it for a laugh.

how will changes in human language

The language will change the course. The reason for this change culturally and medeniyetsel changes. Interact with different communities in the language brings about change. New in the invention. I want to say here but I have a vision.

take the example of the computer. Before computers became widely available in our country because this is a very successful derivation, this word it is derived from and presented to the public. We fondly used. Contributed to the development of our language 🙂

however, self-it’s not for selfie shots. This selfie appeared with the name of the current all over the world. Such a science in our country. Ozcek then this was my word. Who uses ? I can’t see it.

A brief word is derived from, the people who did this they should follow the world for the better. Otherwise, people committed to the imposition of something and the other is useless. However, empty would be a waste of time.

meanwhile, there’s a link I thought might interest you that I want to examine. Link

now I’m looking. It turns out that the human person is a professor of multicultural. A girl threw the comment out there. There’s only one thing I can say. Training, teaching others is another . . If you find a translation of the Word of a professor of water instead of the national anthem and if they could extend it oh well, at least we would have used the spelling of a word, we cannot disturb them 🙂 we wouldn’t have met in the exam 🙂


Thank you for reading. I’m waiting for your feedback. There are a few people I’m especially curious to see the origins of language.

best regards,



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