from time to time to get ideas from the work we do here, we share here because we were curious about the criticisms of an eye from the outside. With summer coming up, now began to decline a little bit more when the intensity like this in a while to amuse ourselves a little project we’re doing. In the moments where I was staying by myself at the office I’m dealing with the testing of a new starts project sometimes. They see from the outside, OLE, there’s bound to be a lot of people say that LAN. So, not necessarily because I’m closing the curtains with the marker, one dot on your face and 15-20 in front of the camera, shake his head left and right, is a little hinky, and in the meantime we’re turning a monkey to speak to ourselves sometimes. 🙂 Seriously, I’m not kidding. The proof is below.

This is more in a state full unfinished, for now he doesn’t talk, but soon, when you add lip movements and facial expressions, I think we are the Apes full. Turkish planet of the Apes we can do a job all right. (hmmm, good idea! Maybe the players I can choose from here.)

below is one of the attempts I made in the house. The children usually have a normal job of people who you want chocolate or something I guess normally when he comes home from his father. I guess I’m not wrong.

but our Princess every night when I went home, ‘DAD did you make me a cartoon?” he asks. I’m not normal I get that. Even before leaving the house gives the order.

at work today me Dad, Rapunzel, snow white cartoon make a monster, okay? (where the monster whatever)

This test phase, during this face on calisicaz more. But for now, just a little, we started the movements.

at our leisure. Since the morning, blowing up the head with their details, and have a tea break as well as I thought I’d share them. drinking a cup of tea, I’ll smash your little head in. To know more about, they’ll talk, they’ll laugh the characters.

in the meantime, if the criticism comes from within, cutthroat. Because criticism is very important for us. We won’t, no offense.

we’ll tell anybody how it is done.


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