Less Talk, Self-Talk!

around me lately, especially when I noticed a flock of sheep going to one of the problems people talk without thinking about it. There’s one thing I don’t understand. The head of the sentence without creating a draft in dozens of how you can sort them. You say sorted. You think we can’t explain it in 2 words?

and self confidence you get and you’ll change the person’s thoughts in a positive way, you can be sure to get. I don’t want to say that all should be done about it. But I’m sure you have understood me. Some issues are available to speak in this way. Off short and the meaning is really a good thing to talk with I think. Both the other person finds the opportunity to both interpret it and like it gives a mysterious look. Probably everyone agrees that the mysterious acts of attention and respect by everyone people

The Master of Divan literature our Artist of the nave there is a saying very pretty as an example came to mind:

kelp told me Tahir Efendi
this alleged is apparent compliment,
The Maliki madhhab because of my,
Itikadimca kelp tahiri.

you might have heard of this word. Exactly describe it, for a one day event to Tahir Efendi the aisle kelp (Dog) der. Nephi hearing this, the verse in question, taking the pen and the dog is tahir (clean) animal with a heart so that it is the word accepted it as a compliment, and according to him via a little word game, Tahir’s dog said it was.

then I’ll make the pun If is injured, also don’t overdo it friends.

to make a long story short, to create a beautiful sentence is like an art. You need to apply this thinking to the art. This suggests your intellect at the same time.


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