Let Someone Understand Us!


The Watches of the night 04:36% because of the problem I think while this came to my mind, and I decided to buy the pen.

this, actually, I want to help you understand men a little in my relationships. What can we ask for? How do we love? Actually very easy to understand them.

none of us It’s not too difficult to be solved a math question.

men like a woman.Only the beloved,not in the sense of love.When it’s the main place where they want a woman who can be friends.

a man wants to have sex. Just 5 minutes is not the kind of reminds me of the night.

with love for the woman, side grip, want to fuck woman fucking. The presence in the veins of the woman and the woman traveling with all wants that.

like not being able to compare the men.

The Man opened the bet of the ex’s feathers shiver. While there’s just that moment itself, why say it?. He can’t understand.

wants to be loved, man. Without a doubt, without asking account wants to be loved.

I love you only love, the faster you want. Make you feel loved and loved you most deeply want to feel.

sinirlibiber thoughts and feelings in this way.Short and sweet I wanted to tell.

take care of yourself and be good


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