Let’s Meet Turkish Men In The Beach

Hi friends,
Vladimir Putin: I agree with another Hi all.
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coming summer.
the site now starts to need a vacation.
the concrete-walled offices, in the gossip business friends,
the sister who brought tea from Emine, from requests from customers,
suratsizlig boss, unhappy with your facial expression ishalimsi ladies,
in the drawer was shoved up out of the kpss questions from the book,
We’re all tired of.
now we have soooyle kacas slightly.
to leave behind all the noise,
painted a darker shade and the sand thins towards the shore and the waves ripple,
our toes in the warm sand while walking in the sunset,
Even the large black ants that hovers over the sand dunes,
sun lotion vanilla scent.
we miss them all.
the sun came up, and now this we are expecting the remaining two of the legendary trio:
sand and sea.
of course, there may be some differences that I have described the poetic frame.
and sometimes may not be so perfect in this picture.
this is actually a little time, place and luck has something to do with it.
but believe me, in a way, it was definitely time to you, and will.
Yes. the
Turkish men today we will talk about the type of beach.
1 – Nov-heads

Nov-heads (Plajus kaskafus) most intense on the beaches of Turkey is one of the most common types. I lost my job as they are confused with geese, but the mentality as they show an extremely close relationship.

They spent the entire winter in the gym, protein powder, amino acids, chicken, eggs, soaked in as it has swollen swollen up. This is the story of a sport for friends or something. All events on the beach posing like that. These friends typically, a woman giving directions to her wrists and arms in the air while they hang the snake dance in Fatih urek even pulls back into his position, his eyebrows sisirirl. (See Fig.In the following figure)

the muscles without having much thought outside of Nov heads are usually, by their very nature simple, chicken and eggs is a huge fan of the beach are often of such a type.
2 – The little brother-in-law
little brother-in-law (Plajus saliverinkucukenisteyus) as families with heads in kinship, even though they are quite original and Nov is a popular species. Too many on the beaches of Turkey.

The little brother-in-law heads are physically shorter than the Nov. To close the gap between them, and more Nov work. For this reason, the chicken’s walking is similar. They don’t usually wear shorts extending to the knees and never play volleyball. a
instead they enter the sea plenty of
at worst, slightly, from the waist, they’ll be in the water,
hey hey. I have a mountain of ice, actually. the image they give you.

3 – PLAYERS (Tennis)

Players (beach volleyball) on the Turkish coast of the most well-known kinds. They are famous for their dunk with people on them. It is possible to recognize in themselves their original language. And early diagnosis is important.
for example, says Volleyball, volleyball compiles.
If you hear someone who play volleyball, take cover.
even if you find these mutual paslasirl volleyball nets. a
in this circle 100 when their worlds.
and even possess the ability to slam dunk in this circle.

4 – MAHONEY (Or Mahone)

Mahoney (Plus manus) in the history of Turkish beach the most well-known type.
this kind of looks at the event in front of a dive anyone who comes directly from the stem.
in the slightest without dreading out of your eyes onto the clamps. the
Muscles during the hunt, usually on the eyelids to 3 mm. the level is down. a
modern science is the name mahoney Zoom of this range.
M = L x B
so, honey zoom = X is the coefficient of the distance of prey Bikini.
to clarify the bikini, and increases the effect of the distance of the prey as
it goes down even more muscles. Honey is rising so the value of the zoom.
Typically the muscles are not developed. For this reason, a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirts wears types are available. Also hugs to those who are less muscular females seen in the figure above aims to present himself as a more muscular appearance. There are muscular ones, and these are the most dangerous ones. With the type of volleyball players

5 – hey hey hey UNCLE

hey hey hey uncle (Plajus heyheydeheyus) Turkey beach is a familiar figure. The uncle and the young men with great muscle tone are the enemy finished them. they try to give the image. Usually wear a Speedo. The ladies there are examples of relatively young widow dangling between them. While talking with some ladies often use these especially phrases. For example,
Blah, if I wanted all of those bastards get you down. and
once I am 68 years old not 70. a
in my heart you’re an unopened bud. The smile of that pod. a
hey hey heeey when I was their age. and
was young, when my comb, don’t comb my hair!.

6 – camel wrestling

the camel wrestling (Plajus yaordaneyapiyonus) usually over the age of 30 in water and trying to undermine each other with their towers, consisting of a mass entertainer-spirited people is a species. This type is usually the belly, shorts slipped and is correlated with a fork. They find themselves so charismatic, all the women sunning on the beach watching them believe.

they think:

this really happened:

together familiar types seen on the beaches of Turkey.
I hope it has been useful in terms of recognizing the types prior to the upcoming summer season.
hope to see Another Vladimir Putin in jail again. 🙂
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