Let’s pay attention to their eating habits during Ramadan

Dr. Alp MAMAK and aesthetic life coach discusses the rules that must be considered during Ramadan…

many of us think that will weaken during the period of Ramadan, but most of us gain weight. If you are succeeding in losing weight the healthy tissue, and bone Nov losers.

10 simple rules during the Ramadan period of fasting and weight can give without pay attention to both fatigue and stomach complaints.

1. 2.5 litres water, especially during Ramadan will be more pronounced water loss, therefore, keep our body incline to edema, therefore, Iftar, TV, celebs, and more between at least 2.5 litres of water for 1 cup of water warm after you turn it fast, which you should have Palm honey and lemon juice or olive should be governed by our blood sugar. Or which you should have at least 3 cups of fennel tea stomach discomfort, gas and bloating, we won’t have. Black tea inhibit the thirst centre in the brain, also consider that us forget to drink water, and drink 1 to 2 cups of black tea or cut during Ramadan as it is too light.

2. During Ramadan, reduce spices: cinnamon cinnamon bark cinnamon for blood sugar regulation especially in the sauce as you eat plenty of, but the other spices during this period will not be very convenient, especially away from certainly angles.

3. Do not corbasiz the Iftar, fasting vegetable soups these days, especially in the heat we’re going to keep our stomachs from the foods and also the first should be one of the most important food sources that we get more comfortable digest. The weather is also more and more a fresh Mint yogurt soup would be a good option on hot days.

4. By chewing more slowly and eat Iftar and sahur meals, satiety the feeling of our mouths from the first bite we took, that reaches the brain after exactly 13 minutes, note, soup, then main course at least 2-3 min before moving on to Dec.

5. Sahur eat granola soy: soy is the most important vegetable protein, granola with milled flax seed 1.5 teaspoons roughly into a very accurate selection of carbohydrate for sahur, add your day, you’ll be amazed at how much time has passed.

6. Of the fast eat dessert for at least 2 hours per week more than 1 dessert elegant consume more of sweets and milky ones, gullac Pecan rice pudding you prefer. Avoid desserts encrypted.

7. Dec abundant in the Rind meal fruit eat: nuts and vitamin supplements increases the feeling of satiety and also provides. Warm cinnamon fruit compote that allows plenty of time for our gut to work better and should be consumed in this way, the liquid should provide support.

8. Coconut note:walnuts, Omega 3 increases the feeling of satiety and one of the supports. Remember to eat 3 pieces of walnuts meal in one of Dec.

9. Eat fish at least once a week: fish oils are fats that our bodies need and these are the most important available increases our rate of metabolism and therefore facilitate weight loss.


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