Let’s stop cruelty against animals !

In fact, it is unfair to call them animals. Because they are more merciful and loving than most people.

in the time I watched the documentary, who’s puppy was mauled by a lion, the zebra, powerless and helpless. Zebra mom to the rescue puppies but it grows. Can’t leave the baby there, even though it would hurt him. After watching this I wanted to browse the news. 18-month-old baby I met with a father who beat. Then I thought. And I’m asking you.

in your opinion my animal zebra, or is he, dad ? (Dad, I’m sorry for what I said)

and we, that these creatures do not harm us why are we acting like this ? Why is not a situation that may require you to hurt them in the middle, even though we hurt you.

fur – leather Massacre

People fur, boots, handbags, coats, etc to be able to buy things like very heavy amounts they pay. Then ‘this new look fur, saying,’ they’re tossing in the air around the circle. Kill a living creature so painful and disgusting skin condition.

Trapping the animal

the animals are made tame under the title of this Act, there is a difference from the others. The best slot of an animal nature. The nature of the animal requires it. How good we look we see him. There is a need to the nature of that animal.

Animal Rape

‘rape’ is full of abominations headed to headed to the event. While we couldn’t prove that people made against animal rape. It’s sad but true. If animals could talk, lots to tell. Unnecessary violence, unnecessary printing, this all applies to animals. We need to put a stop to this event.

In spite of all, for animals that are standing still, put a pan of water in front of our door. Please let me be a little more sensitive about this. When you see a stray animal, call 153.

Animals with compassion and wish to always be loved.


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