Liberland – The Most Suitable Country For Those Who Want To Live Abroad

I guess everybody who doesn’t know has not heard between Croatia and Serbia for the remaining 7 square kilometers, a country founded in the neutral zone of this tiny Country in the Koran Vit Yedlicka , how Liberland this country , let me explain for those who want to go and live a little 🙂

neighbors, Croatia and Serbia

don’t do either Liberland , there’s a cool chick who is offering the girls of this country

also new for the foundation for free Liberland water and electricity water and electricity from neighbouring countries illegal importing

when told to take a hike because I was bored, doesn’t take too much of your time you may travel from across the country

also fights Liberland you pulled my hair , pinched out of him outside the country because quiet and peaceful

because every day you can climb the highest mountain to the summit liberland at a height of 3 meters

The Tiny country, the Prime Minister attaches great importance to education, especially those who read himself because seafood fisheries graduates

also on the internet Liberland is not a problem, you can surf comfortably from neighbouring countries asking for the wifi password

just so no unemployment in this country every worker business

also on the internet Citizenship applications Liberland is being made , the first application is said to be in ajdar between those who do, don’t be surprised if liberland come as super star

surrounded by nothing on all four sides, 10 cats, 7 dogs , 1 homeland the actual nature’s Paradise is waiting for you.

now go and 30-40 years later when I came to this country, in every field, if you want to say it was the battery pack and go 🙂


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