Lies The Classic Woman Says

it is almost difficult for you to understand that we women is lying. The color of the lies that we tell because we don’t understand is impossible. Our adorable innocent image stored sometimes that makes the opposite sex think of the lies we have told. Woman understands the woman is lying and feel, and I know myself.
: D

1.I’ve always been honest with you.

generally, women uses this lie to be rid of this sentence establish or events to impress the opposite sex.

I’m moving out in 2.5 minutes.

it says to wait for that man if a man and a woman are doomed. 🙂

3.My hand, better men.

women, usually after leaving it to themselves, they say. I think we are the first entity to lie to ourselves. 😀

4.A world without men would be nice.

the pain of the sentence of a girl in love, usually consoles himself that.

5.I’m not jealous, of course.

this sentence in my lies. 🙂 How jealous we can’t accept that we never. 🙂

6.It’s you not me you deserve so much better.

one of the classic lies is kind of a consolation to leave the sentence.

7.Guests coming tonight, I’ll meet another time.

one of the lies that used to escape. Usually it is understood when we tell these lies, though.

8.Of course you’ll be where I’m at home.

suddenly the girl nervously know if this sentence is up to you, he’s out there. 🙂

9.I’m not like other girls.

I’m sure every man has heard the phrase during his speech. 🙂 One of the lies that are used a lot.

10.My phone is dying and then we’ll talk.

Usually the phrase that is used to avoid a debate. Indeed, gentlemen, we’re running away that moment from you. 🙂

I’ll see you at the next CEM 🙂


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