Light In Weight, Diet Night Snack.

Hi, for 2 months I lost 12 pounds with this diet and a diet and fitness professional accompaniment with meal quality protein Snack if I’m hungry at night I wanted to share my recipe for a slight Dec in bomb. I’m making this recipe in a small glass bowl like in the picture, so, too, the amount of material

the bowl, determine according to prepare.


– Lifalif oatmeal

– Strawberry


Mixed dry fruits


a few little bits in the form of transverse wheel strawberries, and strawberry slices sideways, so as to be vertical to the bottom of our bowls side by side let our. Our cover of strawberry slices, enough to fill the space by pouring oatmeal in the middle. Again, our into the remaining bowls of strawberries like we did the slices in the bottom row sort of. In another bowl, add yogurt and 2-3 strawberries and crush them with a fork 1-2 teaspoons clap on! this mix just grab the slices of strawberries on our second-pour into the remaining space in a battle. Complete our on the bowl with oatmeal again. Small little chopped dried fruit dusted strawberries and decorate as our latest on our plate. (The only people who don’t opt for yogurt by pouring layers and Dec lifalif they can make dried fruit), light weight, extremely great protein we got bombs and a hearty Snack. Enjoy it:)


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