Linkin Park best songs

found a large fan base of Linkin Park group taniticam you:))

Chester Bennington(front) group name was changed to xero and Linkin Park in 1999 with participation from the first album, along with legends also joined in.

quite difficult going past his childhood years in Chester(you can tell from the lyrics in some songs).14 at the age of his parents ‘ divorce, addictions to heroin and methamphetamine,and oppressed at school, he’s(said to have been sexually abused).Hard fan of the band Depeche Mode, who wants Chester 1993 established the level that can’t come to the first group of Sada(experiencing problems with other members of the group).he hears interest from a hip rock.

-Mike Shino(in the front in the shirt) and Joe Hahn(Korean origin), they met at the School of art and design.

-The type of music which is described as the launch of nu-metal Linkin Park 3.alternative rock album along with 5.the album has continued to shift to more electronics.the end of the golden era where everyone lived the artist change the style or level you fell I don’t know, but I’m curious.In an interview, they do the music they want with their lives,I think they said they didn’t want to enter into a certain pattern, they earned my respect on the spot here:))


hybrid theory(2000)=21.2 best-selling of the century. the album is(most of)

Meteora(2003)=Meteora the Greek meaning ‘in the sky’

minutes to midnight(2007) a thousand suns(2010)

living things(2012) the hunting party(2014)

the end

became the most successful song of the first album.that was insane:))))


one of the tracks from Meteora album is the band’s favorite tracks again.this song Jay-Z along with numb-encore cover something like I have:)


The song made for transformers 2 2009.

rolling in the deep

the best cover of my song, Adele did it:)

in minutes to midnight leave out all the rest with a favorite:))

one step closer

This live performance you get:))

these are beautiful,

-leave out all the rest-Papercut

-points of authority-Crawling

-burn it down -Faint

-lost in the echo -from the inside

-Castle of glass -listen the best full album A The first 2:))

for the purpose of a reminder to those who promote those who do not know Benjamin I’m at the end I wrote,bye:)))


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