Loneliness, of Success the Golden Key of the town.

as far as I can see, how much the majority prefer to be alone, though conversely, forcing them constantly to behave like one thing.

This is an old instinct instinct socialization, and formerly so in ancient times were necessary to survive in the wild. They hunt animals, and they split them between their own and make plans with people download…. It would take the biggest part of course also the most powerful. But as you can see, now that we’re not in the old days! No one doesn’t go on a mammoth hunt…. High trees house is not no one to protect itself from predators, or collectively, he’s not trying to protect me from the darkness of the night squatting around the fire. Today those who use this and actually break off without losing your mind gruplasmad gaining a lot of something they don’t want to understand exactly what they are! You can regain your own freedom and independence and being able to live alone.

you don’t have to answer to anyone and being alone. You are preparing the venue to set the rules and no one being alone. It’s not lonely being alone basinizas own. Accordingly, do what makes yourself happy or satisfied. Nobody listen to your bullshit and you don’t place in your head to be fucked.

consider…. You’re sitting with someone and you’re talking a one-sided conversation is probably the issue, so talking about things like your own stops you in the face. You don’t like to cook, but tell us about how you cook. Wouldn’t find sports interesting, but mentions that the performance of all the teams. Actually mentions what they’re doing, but the story is what you are interested in what your business is. If you don’t have kids then mentioning that is a great thing to fuck with your head start child. Of course all during this conversation, your ideas are always either passed, or that counteracts or split, to reveal your own point attempts. “Ohh, so it’s a very good thing to have a child… or so wake up in the morning to the sound of sobbing in 4 different colors and 3 te shit what do you intend to do with a baby?” let’s do this, “the child’s teeth begin to erupt when the rest of his lack of sleep that week-How do you eliminate it?” someone says, “Let’s weak because of the genes, the child has asthma or otist, then what? How will having a child makes you feel defective?”…. mostly to break his heart that you view that person as a friend or not say say things like that, but these thoughts every time you see him in a corner of your mind “let me out” that sort of thing bothers you.

to talk to the person you are trying to communicate with you and you will try to find common points, but this mostly proved futile, the thing you are actually trying to do the person’s desire not to be alone for pleasure, or to adapt ideas to try. Kind of a two-edged sword with ugrasmaktas. If you do not conform to the face go, if you listen to what he wants, you’ll be a friend, never alone as you want, you can’t live without. So you see, maybe a lifelong one that fits your head and goes to look for a deal where you can make yourself in order to find a common point you will be doing instead of being Theater. I found love briefly with a friend you’ll be fooling yourself. Of course some people go out and “But I want to sacrifice friendship” will say…. Behzat line would be the shortest answer those idiots just mean!
The majority of the herd have to be kept in mind since childhood, who is this “someone” find the urge to actually outdated and an unnecessary quest. Mostly because from the beginning the search for a wife will end with disappointment on both sides mislead each other. Because no one in history did not clear the point about this current relationship as they emerge and to get rid of a pain in the ass will turn into a maze which is at a deadlock. Because of either promises, or finding someone again, fear of being embarrassed in front of or around that looks like just like a penny impossible to leave a relationship for fear that it will continue.

you only have two ideas in mind when talking to a woman include:

b) a way to get rid

because of this there is only so much the mind of a woman works! With a slave, the kid do it and make your life secure. Other than that, try to explain to him, you just scramble to grab at the corner is gonna be the vagina. And so you strive to impress her by lying to convince you to give a vaginal exam. Other than that, you’re trying to do everything is empty! With what you know, or are you trying to impress her with your stories the only thing that would vardiraca again, only the vagina. Or isn’t it??? In the end according to whether or not the vagina, only a vagina, so what you’re doing hunting. You can use it for that woman, but – Bang! Indirectly every woman is a prostitute. Give the money to a woman of the street outside when you provides the service directly in the house with his desires. Stop wishing you were friends with a woman, don’t you think – all you’re doing is to deceive yourself! A man with a woman’s Friendship is always the location of the end of the bed – always! If this point is reached, the means that are used with Word. The man just says We are just friends in front of a woman and the vagina that maintains the waiting list from koklatara

a woman in your life because you don’t ever buy based on a friend one way or the other you’ll be disappointed. As long as you’re friends you can present your love to him: shoes, chocolate, handbags and jewelry! In short, this is your friend, as your friend as long as you have an expectation that love will remain constant!

a woman cheating on her husband and their children without even knowing it how many Ever thought that they were living? For everyone mother is clean as a whistle and never make such a mistake didn’t I? What makes you so sure? Married women me and my surroundings, when I think of this, you may be able to reflect upon! In short, women, however, as long as you continue to shop, symbiotic is a friend… the rest is empty!

your car are mostly your other friends, acquaintances, or they’re hanging out with you because you have money. Sometimes one in your home subject to where you live, home gelens to mind first when you throw the snow. When you have everything you need, what you say friends means you will be used if you have them! Your wishes, of course, ” will not be compensated for by them. So if you are looking for a friend if that friendship except to exploit the same level in the same entity and, unless there are to become a thing is impossible. This relationship is just a friendship, so it’s always on the back of the other one: friends! Of course this word “watching your back” in the sense of wanting to understand a lot of it would be, but many a fight when you see how instantly your time coming back, the meaning is more appropriate… but you know that it’s a little late for that! You’ll find out it’s just the truth!

it’s better to stay out rather than be with these people because all you’re doing is never “them” consists of giving a good time. As a result, it’s lonely already mentally and in terms of status. Only to believe that you’re being social and hang out around someone you are looking for. I won’t drive a crappy car like Tofaş, I’m not getting on the subway or public buses, especially the Van never. I’m not going to change it for the sake of friends! There is a certain standard for everyone. On top of that, the majority standard, eager to get to find someone to provide it to them after the time do not leave. This percentage, friends, or going to be.

it’s almost impossible to be a friend of a different world! They need each other friends, not to seek out pleasure! Each other friends, they won’t bother to convince you of anything. They may come back to you for not calling friends. Granting of mutual friends in the race, you do not get! Friendship is only sharing, not shopping. Your friend listens to you, understands you, and just what he thinks of you as a true friend – will break you – even though you tell right to your face… the same waits for you! Mutual friends of each other in the race for the development and exaltation. So people who try to fuck each other in this relationship because trust is the foundation lasts a lifetime! If for whatever reason no matter if you are feeling not to trust that person – you’re right, so your instinct doesn’t deceive you, prove yourself wrong and stupid like you’re trying hard to deceive yourself only by doing.

called friends maybe once or twice in your lifetime you will encounter a rare event that it is! So, all the people you call friends do not try to directly detect and deceive yourself as a friend. Mostly frustrated is ugrayacaks…. Friendship takes time!

so to be alone is the fate of the elite! How remote you are, if you’ll be away from the problems and all of their stuff. Experience for yourself and focus on yourself instead of others depends on it. Everything you do will be suited to your own taste. I wouldn’t have to justify your tastes to anyone in ugrasmaniza. If you love Scotch whisky and maybe a bottle of wine in your home just then. Do you love cigars, then you can always expect a tile on your coffee table. Order your CD or MP3 of your favorite music on your list is always at your disposal. Your favorite fruits are on the table at any time you want and directly go to the closet and you’ll drink out of the carton or the bottle – and without having to answer to anyone, think of anyone. LOL play until the morning of the game, no one can come and “take care of me” or “you’re playing a lot, you’ll ruin your eyes like” you are not planted on top of annoying things. Every thing you do or you are doing your taste and depending on your mood. Everyone has to adapt to your taste yourself if you can acquire something from this – and not vice versa. So, for the satisfaction of others not just your own pleasure or do whatever it is you do for your pleasure and satisfaction so you will. Watching the movie that you want, if you want your favorite scene you are tekrarlatirs 20 times – why? Because you can do it!

why is the Kings, Popes lived as though they can control everything or in the seclusion of the Council of heads do you think? Pulls like a magnet, which is always inaccessible because the sheep! The elites by their nature are loners. There are at least 20 and at least put 2 dogs in a herd, but the shepherd is always unique! Each shepherd has his own style and his own business is focused on. The shepherds and their opinions about specific topics on certain days of the year to gather and transmit information to others, then again, continue from where they left off.

don’t live alone, of the members of the herd don’t think is a bad thing by Jedi mind psychological techniques. How to put on your head if you are alone you have one less problem. In this way, you will find peace and mental calmness…. This is because we don’t make an effort to meditate for spiritual like sheep – you’re already: calm and peaceful! The only problem that you have is yours and if you want you can wait for a solution. However, if you have a problem if arkadasiniz – this must happen immediately – isn’t it? Now this immediately or you may urgently need a solution. Dive into unnecessary mental problems for rape and it is a pretty good idea to make friends.

has no meaning to let yourself get depressed by saying I’m lonely! In fact, even you should be happy. Since childhood, what drove the crisis, please “share” it is not something the urge. You know what, what you saw, what you heard, or what you’ve read in vain if it failed to yapiyormussunuzca wraps you in a feeling to share everything. You something “let’s share” says the stops – couldn’t find someone to share it all around you, pushes you down, get angry… error in the operating system, sometimes saldirganlasirs. None of this you are not these shaven communal lifestyle program your brain from your childhood and it’s a mess! For this reason alone that it knows the elites hang-up. They live in herds like sheep to the sheep when they leave, themselves, their environments, and live in pleasure.

the sheep look how streaky it’s their homes and they’re not the same? All of them in one dining table, two armchairs, two or three beds, tv, coffee table and a team there’s one or two…. AHA, forgetting most of the incoming water in one hand… there are showcases at the exhibition of guest ladies crystal or porcelain. Sheep, except for different layouts this layout is stranger, and themselves if they feel uncomfortable in an environment they are not used to, in order that it’s like they didn’t belong there. Don’t seek comfort, just seek out sameness! You look like you’re an alien for guests of the village at a time are adopting. The reason for this is the same uyumsallik communal, I mean everything, is essentially the same thing just in a different color or in the way though, just the same thing, under the name of a different view a selection of offers offered. So Elite will be one of a kind designer merchandise can also be ordered. In this way, their own pleasure, can act out their own freedom and their independence.

sheer All the sheep of the furniture industry, empty cupboards, empty drawers and empty display cases so you can go there by filling other related industries feed production, does it make any difference what you did! Sheep B*K like insects see the empty space where if they buy something to fill it – or what is the meaning of that furniture. Brilliant production of this type always take the sheep with their home and stuffing their faces with garbage continue. Thus disguising themselves instead of sharing everything, penny-pinching, and so much more eye sew.

how much less if you have less you have a problem!

being alone is the biggest advantage of your surroundings you’ll just love Him and edit as you wish or you feel that, you know, you are in shape. Loneliness is the only chance you can get out of yourself. Own it’s lonely on stage! The stand alone and stops at you’ll shoot yourself when you speak out and take hundreds of people before you. But you can discover your true self while you are alone. You have to restrict yourself or with others, or make Theatre. Terrible jokes with a forced laugh, avoid saying things that you think would have the opposite impact one another. It is actually only you’re playing, and you’re vuramiyors out your true self. Some people go out and “I know you better than you know yourself” says…. Can you believe this shit? Nobody will know you better than yourself. To know yourself, only the road is lonely, so farmason of what he took from the hands of the sheep! If the sheep on their own if they start to discover their own selves, control will be lost! But you can check the sheep because arabalarge. This logic group therapy, group concerts, group work (school) and other group activities constantly inculcated. That’s where fascism comes from the source of: the more the merrier! But no one doesn’t pay attention to the incorrect side of this philosophy so deceptive. Benliginizdes own while alone, while in the group you are giving yourself your own decision… the decision for the weak and it gives you a lot of control because it is always someone else. Sounds like a bullshit story that a hands to the sounds that can prove is false you can remove with one hand. When it hits right into the palm of your fingers, the sound isn’t it? Or finger snap? Shaking the hand with the thumb and index finger or middle finger on both vurdurara? All this Pro-fascism “the power” words that point to a single weakness of the effect on the accumulation of sheep is caused by greed, so much power! The band themselves can be powerful, but inside, you just have to share the fate of that group zayifsi. Who told you that you do not have a power while alone? School, parents, friends, media, and of course fears!

it is not different in meeting friends. Make three and more according to the tastes of others in a community depends on what you can get. What they want the movies they want to watch them… all you do is follow the herd you play the games you like makes it. Probably the majority of your tastes and she doesn’t have an interest against you in any way in order to use it to create or just yakking with you. Escape from the reality of reality, the only factor that leaves you alone! Never forget yourselves. Best dostu you’re yourself again. To be happy, not in others, look for yourself.

sheep are here to serve you Outside the group. If you’re looking at it backwards if you are afraid of being yourself then break off from the group and alone. You know very well that you’re in this bugaboo. The girls are out there for your pleasure…. Use them and you send. Just like it’s going to be one girl in your life, don’t fear, there are thousands of girls out there that have the same fear. Did you hear me – thousands eeeeeeee! I see your eyes in search of that every day.

the sheep go and so to find in died age 50, no kids, you’ve been married, what you didn’t that alone a socket if” the guilt trip by making yourself the same as you too koyunsal going into the vortex. This is the mentally handicapped one is listening to what you will get if you act the lives of others. First, children behind them, they then have going to leave anything to their children. As a result, children have recovered the money, and sell whatever – and beyond do you have? All that struggle and struggle. After he died, personally, not that anyone cares, looks around, the only thing that is from you share how koparacak from the rest. The brothers share the plot or apartment and shops sell and for the money opens all the enemies engage each other in case the courts were cut. Father don’t leave anything behind for the sake of this idiot, I actually do not think that would hurt her family, even if the same situation every day progress, like, nobody does not want to learn a shit about it.

and then there is bullshit that repeats the sheep to another: “the man the money with his wife, ate, traveled, ate, drank, he had a good time, and is gone without leaving anything behind” – what is the problem here? There was a purpose for being alive? Or a task given to you? There was an agreement that you made before you were born? Did the sheep do the opposite of what I would say if you have remembering! Here, too, the sheep themselves are cursed to live the life of somurtme “correct” as being accepting others to do so, each of them trying to make it look like its really lame that they like a bogeyman, “it was the only right thing to do” like they try to justify it.

every sheep around you with his advice, tries to make yourself look like you. They suffer and they want you to fail you like they do in you. Those who always advise you problem: did you? Mostly you get the answer either “no” or there will be indirect excuses. Sheep not listen to your own feelings and your own wishes. As happy as you have made your own you will see that in many areas, while the other with hatred and the sheep that follow you and you will be looking for you, to emotion you feel bad about yourself to act like them shall apply. Ever this Jedi mind trick don’t fall into the mental duduklemes…. The only thing they want from you “yourself” you can be!

love yourself before you love others you will. You will give yourself before others. You will think about others before you think about yourself. Whether you’re a public servant and not to be, according to yourself, you will be always the first priority in your life!

first, then the others


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