Love Kilim Motifs

it’s not.I got my wings and depressed at night I’m writing them to you.I get every point I brought greetings from my heart to my voice until it receives.

useless to connect it to the point of irrelevant sentences that I love.Tonight I took a pen in my hand my heart my mind my words my intention on this Akita keyboard Akita so dirty and dim and I filled pages.

you’re not saying rug motif.That rug motifs in sweat,effort and troubles what what is installed.If you’re committed you don’t know.You already committed that are based in the heart of not stepping on rug.

Love how the motif is processed?Of Labor and how is it given?What is it that makes love love?Two naked body?From the dream of happiness built on top of buildings do you love?

actually, things are very complicated.The look of every heart, because love is very different.The look of hard labor work.Can’t stand in each hand.Sometimes it difficult foremost from your heart not your hands the amount yoruculug Nasser.They can’t keep gets some heart attack and gives up.Disintegrate some ill-treated,again wear their favorite love songs from imaginary instruments in your hand will it.

First, you will not be afraid.Fear is the biggest enemy of love everything as it is heartfelt and sincere.Fears feeds.Erase the signs of Defeat their heart.To delete it, you learn to write them you’ll set aside under the heading of experience.

of course, we will be defeated,we will cry,we will fall.These are arranged like stair steps shall be US under our feet.Every fall we will be adorning us in love and stepping stones that leads to success.

The Stone and concrete steps you will take will be the feet.A dirty grin on your face you will get pains in the side of the road.They’ll be embarrassed that you will give it a review on their face, they could not break you.And then just turn around and they will go away.

your brain that make you who you are,your personality and your heart.When you assemble you should use them in equal shares.All of them would be useful to you.You can create one piece to move with the opportunity to meet with new errors.

the last word is that I’m

we came to the world that exists because of love.We all won this race by saying that I am here among millions of sperm.Don’t be afraid to love.Each motif Loyalty,trust and peace process.

good night


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