Lubricated skin ‘masked solution : Murad Clarifying mask – purifying clay mask

the scorching temperatures of the summer, it may change your skin…

The heat and sweat, our skin is deeply affecting.

Because the amount of moisture in the warm air and increase the activity of sebaceous glands causes your skin more lubrication.

would you use such a product to deal with this problem, let’s stop the formation of acne and its resulting your skin lubricated!

Murad Clarifying Mask Purifying Clay Mask that purifies your skin and more oil is an amazing product that allows them to breathe ferahlayip at the time you use it! Thanks to the moisturizers in your skin never to dry out by not allowing you will feel the difference reveals the extent. For skin with acne problems on your face, and specially developed natural clay-based formula it purifies your skin and cleanse deep into your pores with the formation of acne and helps to prevent .

to reassure and soothe your skin with zinc and licorice in the content supports.

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Murad Clarifying Mask Purifying clay mask Price: 119 TL


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